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Sharp, Microsoft develop smartphones


Sharp Corp and Microsoft Corp are collaborating in the development of a new line of Windows-powered mobile phones called Kin which emphasize social networking. Kin also supports Microsoft’s new cloud computing service with an optimized GUI (Graphic User Interface), enabling smooth interaction for social networking in mobile communication.

The Kin one and Kin two phones, which feature touchscreens and slideout keyboards, will be available in the United States through telecom carrier Verizon Wireless in May. The phones will be available in Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain in the fall in partnership with Vodafone.

Users can view information updated in SNS by friends and family members on the phone in real time, without the need to navigate through SNS applications. Kin provides a new communication lifestyle, with consistently simple operation for sending messages and sharing favorite photos and movies with friends.

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Looks cool but... small keys, thick and I have no SNS friends. I'll keep my iPhone for a little more longer.

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this doesn't run Windows Mobile 7. Mostly for kids.

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i have no idea on its OS because i have never used it yet. so i will not attempt to criticize the OS. but the look from what i see, i've got to admit that the first one on the left look really ugly. even i am not a mac fan, and i don't like mac monopoly, but this kind of product design will and can never beat iphone for sure.

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It's not a smartphone but a feature phone, maybe a dumbphone. All touchscreen phones are not smartphone. This one is not in the same category as the iPhone, HTC desire or Xperia 10.

The target is not the smae either.

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Docomo is gonna come out with 5 smartphones by the end of the year. They're gonna keep getting better, so I'll wait a while ...

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if they could come with the HTC Evo 4G like sprint in the USA, that'd be very nice!

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I am waiting for the new windows 7 phones. The HTC HD2 PRO has the firepower to outclass i-phone and others, but it will not work with the new OS. I need my phone for business, not for twitting and facebooking all the time.

Windows Mobile OS, however, has fallen drastically behind in the "randomly once in a while useful" app category.

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