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Sharp, Pioneer to establish joint venture for optical disk business


Sharp Corp and Pioneer Corp have signed a partnership agreement on the establishment of a joint venture in the optical disk business area. The goal of the new joint venture is to make more effective use of the management resources of the two companies in the optical disk business field, and to capture a leadership position in this area, particularly in the Blu-ray Disc market where significant growth is expected in the future.

The optical disk businesses of the two companies will be transferred to the new joint venture, with a target date for the start of operations around Oct 1. The new company will engage in the development, design, manufacture, and sales of optical disk products, focusing on optical disk drives, recorders, and players.

Integrating the technological expertise of Pioneer and Sharp in the areas of optical pick-up heads, optical disk drives, and system design will make their joint optical disk business even stronger, and their cooperative relationship will serve to further enhance the market competitiveness of both company's audio-visual businesses.


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oh yeah same old story jv, spread risk, accounting tricks, offload baggage, cross licensing ip, pray for market success

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This is the future, the equity markets are kinder to new firms with singular business lines. All the biggies realise this and will create more spin offs; everybody wins

spinco because of singular business and the fresh biz focus confusedpapaco because they get majority shareholding and cash out during IPO shareholders, more transparent business model instead of iamdoingeverythingpapaco spinco management gets incentivized. confusedpapaco management gets kudos for creating wealth
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