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Sharp releases details of 5G smartphone ahead of spring launch


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capable of shooting 8K video 

On a screen that small, it will be extremely difficult to notice the difference of the video that is being shot. Also, if the camera can shoot 8k but the screen and anything else you watch it on is not capable of showing 8k then it becomes a useless feature that inflates the price.

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But the new Samsung Galaxy also has this very feature, JJ Plane. I don't see you hating on that one, or the "ultra thin glass" of the new Z Flip, which is proven to be a lie.

Easy to hate on Japanese companies nowadays...

Anyway, good to see Sharp making such quality phones, although I wish for 2 things:

Please get rid of the double notch thing... I love Japanese tech to death, but that's just hideous.

Make an effort to release them worldwide, or at least in Europe or the US.

Otherwise keep up the good work Sharp. I love my XZ Premium too much to even consider an upgrade, but who knows.

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too early for 5G but I suppose everyone wants a foot in the door ... and as for 8K? ... hhhmmm? just too much hype

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I'm not hating on a Japanese company for being Japanese. The only defining feature of that phone is 8k video. With Samsung, Sony, Apple, Google, and more that is the smallest part of the features. It isn't the defining feature.

You are making this about countries. I am making this only about the defining feature of a phone. I am simply talking about the defining feature that you can't use unless you drop a few thousand more dollars on buying viewing equipment for it. With Apple, Samsung, Google, and Sony it is about a lot more than 1 underlined feature. An 8k camera on an LCD screen. Lol

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Fair enough, my bad. Thing is, I've read so much stuff here on JT that I get triggered easy lol.

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Make an effort to release them worldwide, or at least in Europe or the US.

Otherwise keep up the good work Sharp.

I agree. Sony, too, makes great phones but the problem with Japanese phone companies is that they don't seem to market them internationally as aggressively as Apple, Samsung or Hua-PRC spying machine-wei.

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They never have. The home market is big enough to support them and any sales in other markets must cover the cost of going to the effort of supporting that market.

That isn't true. It's because most phone makers in Japan do it as a side businesses. Sharp, Sony, and many other brands that make phones in Japan do it as a side business and it makes up for the smallest part of their business. Advertising overseas would end up costing money. Most of them don't compete in their home market as well. Sharp is a major player with screens and solar panels. Sony dominates on multiple other fronts especially in the gaming industry.

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That is one fine looking Chinese phone lol

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