Sharp to install 10,000 plasmacluster ion generators in Japan and abroad


Sharp Corp said Monday it has begun installing approximately 10,000 industrial plasmacluster ion generators in Sharp offices and sales bases in Japan and abroad to help prevent a pandemic of new viruses.

Plasmacluster ion generators decompose and deactivate harmful airborne substances such as mold fungus, viruses, and allergens. Sharp will install two types of generators: the IG-820 (for approx. 23-m2 rooms) and the IG-840 (for approx. 50-m2 rooms). The generators use wide outlet louvers and airflow control technology to effectively send a high concentration of plasmacluster ions - 25,000 ions/m3 (at high airflow setting) - to every corner of a room, thoroughly deactivating harmful airborne substances in offices and conference rooms.


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Snake Oil? I admit I've never heard too much about these devices, and seeing them around I guess people they feel they work. Anyone got any info on scientific indipendant testing?

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nice free marketing spot!

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They are effective, but you have to run them 24/24 and if many peeps move in the room and doors get opened a lot, it's like 1% effective. Plasma killing living substances in the air, doesn't sound that healthy thought.

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Sounds like something from Star Trek to me.

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This from The International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, Volume 141, No. 4, 2006, Dr Neil Goodman writes:

Preliminary investigations have already been performed into whether this technique of allergen reduction would translate well into a practical application for the removal of allergens from the domestic environment. The results of chamber tests and in situ, room-scale tests have. However, much more research is necessary to determine the benefits of allergen destruction using ionizers under natural conditions in the domestic environment – particularly any clinical benefits.

This raises the question, however, of how ionizers should be most effectively and safely used to reduce indoor concentrations of allergens below the threshold needed to sensitize and elicit symptoms.

So, more research is needed, and there are questions on how the ionizers can be safely used...

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they should set these on stun, not vaporize.

just a simple UV light running inside current filters may have similar effect. all this talk of plasmaclusters makes them look like electricity hogs.

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I have always wondered whether these devices wouldn't generate rather high quantities of ozone? That shouldn't be healthy at all...

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That was one thing Dr Goodman said would need to be checked.

Talking of Ozone, our energy-saving bosses have turned off the fans in our copy room - letting lots of lovely ozone accumulate. Earth-friendly and moronic I guess!

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Is it even a good idea to have people working in a virus-free bubble, only to hop on a train loaded with the sick and walking wounded?

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Too bad it doesn't come with a bullshit detector.

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Dumb. You need germs to survive and stay strong. We are not machines. We are living organisms. We need dirt. I will continue to bite my nails, pick my nose and breath in all the coughs onto my face on my daily commute. Anyone notice less of those stupid hygiene masks this year? I am glad about that. I prefer to see pretty faces and lots of bad teeth.

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