Sharp to introduce high-output LED lighting devices


Sharp Corp has developed high-output, high-color-rendering 25W-class LED lighting devices that boast an industry's highest luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W for light sources such as store spotlights.

As long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting rapidly becomes mainstream, the expectation toward light sources such as product-display spotlights in stores to be using high-output, high-color-rendering LED lighting devices is increasing.

These 25W-class devices have achieved incredibly low energy consumption through the adoption of LED chips and phosphor, which both have excellent high-temperature properties. They provide a high 2370-lm luminous flux and the industry's highest luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W. In addition, it achieved a high color rendering index (Ra) of 83 by faithfully reproducing the colors of objects. Furthermore, the LED emitting area has been made circular to make designing lighting instruments easy.

Sharp will also introduce a 15W-class lineup to meet a wide range of customer needs.

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still not enough for a car. Am I missing something? 25W for a led? isn't it a bit too much? I though most led lights were 4 to 10 W

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still not enough for a car

They're not designed for cars, but if 2370 lm, 91 lm/w isn't enough for your driving needs, I really want to know what kind of driving you're doing.

Those numbers are double most halogens - and on par with a lot of HID xenons on the market.

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Wonderful, but i dont see myself buying these LED lights anytime soon.

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Maybe nisegaijin wants to drive the Blues Brothers way. Full Halogen combined with dark sunglasses.

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I hope to god that they never get installed in cars at that power. It's bad enough seeing some of the people with halogen's on the road today, particularly the idiot's that never think to get them adjusted out of the line of sight for every on coming car.

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Livinginokinawa, it's not the power, its how they are set up. I have 3000lm HID's installed on my car, and because the projectors were designed for HID's they aren't blinding at all.

I am doing normal driving, but because I am used to HID's anything below 2800lm or so would be a below comfort zone for me.

That said, I really want to see LED's for cars. This can bring about some awesome changes in design.

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nisegaijin thank you. Wasnt aware of that. Then it has to be the owner's and not the lights themselves.

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Buy yourself one of the new CREE type flashlights and check out the new technology for yourself. These new LED chips are way out ahead of their predecessors. Blinding. The flashligh probably only uses one chip. What a 25 watt cluster could do should be amazing.

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