Shocker! Japanese firms' electrifying fabric zaps bacteria

By Behrouz MEHRI

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neat! Clothes you don’t have to wash! Just plug them in before you go to bed!

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Ikura? Good idea.

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promise for products like sportswear, sanitary items including diapers and masks

No way this is touching my my butt, or my baby’s

First, I can’t trust this new technology. Second, 99.9% includes 100% of the good bacteria.

Nevermind that we are going to be complete immuneless zombies before this epidemic is over.

You cannot have a world free of all bacteria and viruses. The solution is NOT to kill everything

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Buy killing 99.9% of the bacteria. You are denying the next generation of humans to be develop as per Darwins theory of

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If they could claim it can zap viruses they will be billio0naires.

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