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Silent plane with no moving parts makes 'historic' flight

By Patrick Galey

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Why not? There could soon be some type of a hybrid system design to boost the fuel economy of commercial jetliners.

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I'm one of a bunch of electic-launched radio control sailplane pilots who will be watching this technology.

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I think this would work more efficiently if the plus electrodes are situated in a cylinder in the front portion with a narrowed center portion like a sand clock and slits behind the narrowed portion with the minus electrodes lined on the edge of the slits to maximize fluid dynamics.

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It listed possible military applications including the development of silent drones and aircraft, and engines with no infrared signal and thus impossible to detect.

Maybe with this part we will see faster development of the technology.

It is awesome stuff though.

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Sadly enough, if there is a possible military application the money to develop it will magically appear.

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Something tells me plane tickets will not get any cheaper once this is implemented. The airlines will pocket the savings for the shareholders and customers will still pay an arm and a leg to get packed like sardines.

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About six years ago around 7 am in the south of France three completely silent aircraft flew at about 60mph over my head. They were about 300 metres above ground and appeared to be each the size of a car. They also seemed to have no discernible wings. I didn't think they were alien. Now I know it was probably this technology. But it just shows the military are probably already using this or similar inventions.

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A silent drone for big-brother or stalker.

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