Singapore car 'vending machine' dispenses with tradition


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I thought it was a Tomica display case in the top pic.

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Ah, how the other half lives...

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Ah, how the other half lives...

It isn't the other half. It is the other 1%.

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Doesn't Singapore is very strict on when a car can be driven? I think it is based on the last digit of the license plate to determine which day of the week you can drive. I wonder does it check for valid insurance. Does it accept cash only or credit card? Car, Jewelry and real estate sale are already on the high risk list for money laundering; now, it is automated, I can see that it is even easier for that.

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You can still get Morgans? Would have thought the British government would have done away with that years ago, bonnet louvres like a cheese grater!

Oh well, hopefully once we're out of the EU proper Minis and Morris Minors can go back into production somewhere, it might even encourage me to move back... j/k, you can still get locked up for 4 years for playing a George Formby song within a mile of somebody Chinese. And people say Japan is becoming a police state.

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Singapore Car dealer should buy old cruise ship and refurbish use as floating car show room. It'll save expensive car yard rent in Singapore.

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