Singapore faces talent crunch as tech giants scale up

By Chen Lin and Aradhana Aravindan

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Well PAP has a choice between listening to the rhetoric of the xenophobes who claim that 'foreign trash' take away their jobs leaving locals who have served National Service to drive Uber, and pragmatism which demands that they stay open to 'foreign talent' to attract businesses, startups and MNCs to ensure economic growth in a tax haven with an aging population.

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Nice narrative to attract such no mention of the ten's of thousand's of job losses, that to in GLC's.

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Hard to recruit good talent to a place with daytime temperatures all year long upwards of 35 degrees C and 90+ percent humidity, one party politics, overly strict laws ( can't even lay in the grass during a mid day break , the police will roust you ), big fines for ridiculous things like not flushing a public toilet (complete with a lady sitting in a booth watching to make sure you do indeed flush) and state censorship. Even books and international magazines like Time or Newsweek sold in Singapore are censored. They put on a nice face and align themselves with the west but the reality is that Singapore isn't all that much less repressive than the PRC.

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