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Skype jacks ads into free Internet phone calls


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I am sure I will see one this weekend when Skyping... It will certainly make us talk about it, but doubtfully in a positive way. That said, it is a small price to pay for Skype's free service.

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That said, it is a small price to pay for Skype's free service.

I'd say it's a huge price. Skype's voice chat has always been free, it's only getting paid now c'so it was bought by Microsoft. Also, i'm not sure how these ads will work, but if they're in-call ads, meaning sound coming into your conversation, what keeps Them from receiving sound coming out of the conversation?

Skype's always been too closed for my taste, i'll stick with XMPP+Jingle wherever i can.

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calls on computer's powered by Microsoft's Windows software,

AFP's Grammar error (that JT didn't catch and correct) aside, I wonder if this mean I can avoid ads by using a Mac?

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Already seen it.... don't upgrade to the latest version!

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Crap.. too late, I just updated.. =/ How can I roll it back...

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I was wondering why Skype was pushing that update. Too funny. So, if I pay for a subscription I won't see these ads? Done.

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Vesperto, I'm guessing the “the part of the article that reads, "While on a 1:1 audio call, users will see content that could spark additional topics of conversation" indicates that the advertising content will be visual, rather than audible.

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@soldave so much for my conspiracy theory! :(

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so much for my conspiracy theory! :(

Well imagine the ads changing according to the topic of your conversation. Did the ad appear before or after you mentioned a certain product? Probably it will be randomized so you'd think it's just your imagination, on the other hand ads shown to you are related to your browsing history so they will always look familiar.

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It implies that if you keep a balance (which I do), the ads won't appear.

Still, I "enjoy" the double-speak they've employed and am thrilled over the chance to "enjoy" other "brand experiences" when provided the "opportunity."

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I don't know what the fuss is about.

When you use GOOG to search, you get to see paid contextual ad placements in the results.

When you read your Gmail you get contextual ads across the top.

If you want a free service to survive, you're going to have to put up with ads (just like you put up with ads on JT). It's better they monetize soem way and not end up in the junkyard of web companies which went under because they failed to make enough money to survive.

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Skype is now part of Microsoft with the inevitable result it it has become bigger, more loated and unwieldy. Older version can be obtained from http://www.oldapps.com/skype.php Many people recommend version I have not confirmed it works without ads, but someone was asking how to roll back to an older version. http://www.oldversions.com is another site you can use.

SonnyInAz, I hope this solves your problem. Let us know if it works.

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“We’re excited to introduce Conversation Ads as an opportunity for marketers to reach our hundreds of millions of connected users...While on a 1:1 audio call, users will see content that could spark additional topics of conversation that are relevant to Skype users and highlight unique and local brand experiences.”

This BS tears me up. 'We want money!', just say it and get it other with, I'd respect you far more!

Skype is a wonderful service, but the sheer amount of advertising we are bombarded with everyday in this world actually makes me feel sick sometimes.

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While on a 1:1 audio call, users will see content that could spark additional topics of conversation

Yeah, the conversation will start:

"Oh, God! Not another one of those *** adverts!!!"

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aslong as they don't start to interupt the conversation with "and now with a message from our sponsor"

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Why?...I avoid any intrusive adds. If I want something I will search for it. Isn't that what the Internet is about?

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I'll find out if mine has it when I Skype my ex this weekend... she'll flip if she starts seeing ads on her screen, so will I. Bad enough that my phone apps are bogged down by them without Skype having them.

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Multi task, have a different screen and it's not an issue I guess. I always have skype credit so not an issue for me anyway...

I wish skype would allow being able to select who you appear on and offline to....

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Temporarily block people.

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Haha, nothing in life is truly free.

When something is free, you are the product!

Think of it this way, if Skype doesn't make money, there won't be a free Skype service at all.

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And another reason why smart users avoid the commercial operating systems and go for GNU. This could have severe implications. Just imagine the usual trend towards "find [specific type] singles" based on the personal info about You available on the web (whether it is actually related to reality or not) in a chat with Your partner. Don't really want this on personal phone calls. Furthermore, do both sides see the same ads or do they see different ads? This might severely damage realtionships in some cases. You might even try to fine Microsoft for it, when it is compared to other famous US law cases.

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lostrune2 Think of it this way, if Skype doesn't make money, there won't be a free Skype service at all.

And Skype was losing money at the time Microsoft bought it.

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I'm no business major but even I understand that a "free" service has to be paid for somehow. I accept the adds as necessary and I don't pay attention to them. The one thing that would upset me is if the add is placed right across the face of the person I'm talking with.

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And thank God (and everyone who has contributed) for Linux distributions.

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I knew something bad would happen as soon as Microsoft got their hands into it!

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