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Sleek new PlayStation 3 model makes U.S. debut


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More than 4,000 games have become available for download for PS3 since the console was launched in November of 2006, according to Sony.

And, how many of those consoles sold since 2006 are sitting in cupboards with the 'yellow light of death' syndrome that Sony doesn't want to know about? They have not changed their motherboards so I would not ever buy one. The motherboards are the cheapest loads of crap they can produce. The capacitors melt off the boards! There are rubbish! Don't buy one!

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“While we certainly use gaming as our foundation, the PS3 is a complete entertainment center in the living room,” John Koller of the PlayStation hardware team told AFP.

I love my Ps3 slim. It has been 3 years since I bought this baby. Now I only use it as an entertainment center to watch online and play blu-rays. The only thing that disappoints me are the titles "final fantasy versus 13" and "the last guardian". I was so patient and was looking forward on the releases of the said titles. Now I know that these titles may never come out because development were cancelled, It might take a while before SONY can convince me to buy another model.

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I got YLOD in my first generation PS3 after 2 yrs..... replaced it with a newer 120GB model 2 yrs ago now... just waiting for that YLOD.... if it comes again, to hell with PS3

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Having said that, it really is a home media center; use it for all my music, Hulu, and streaming movies from my PC

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And top-loading too, no thanks. That's how discs and blu-rays can get scratched.

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Prediction: This will do terrible. I'm sure there will be PS3 Fanatics that may want one but it really does not deliver anything special other than being "Sleek". Sony will lose money on this. I think the vast majority of people that already own a PS3 will just stay with it and wait for the PS4.

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What's the point of getting excited about six year old hardware in a new box?

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I want a 3DO

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What Sony doesn't understand is that people want inexpensive gaming consoles with a large library of games

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Sony was so awesome in the 90s the pioneer with quality games such as ff7, and now its sad how consumers turned on them without realizing how far gaming came cause of them. But on the other hand, Sony meet their death when PS3 came out for $600 which made all those quality japanese exclusive games ps1 and ps2 were known for...go straight to xbox360 only, meaning star ocean never even made it to ps3 was xbox only. Pity Sony own money greed led them to a fallen path, I still liked them, my PS2 still gets played. People liked Sony back in the day because they were cheap quality gaming, $99 console deals, $149 etc no more just expensive to get people to buy the next gens ps.

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I still have my original 1st gen 20GB PS3. Works like a champ but I needed to have it cleaned out and new thermal grease applied after 6 years. Be that as it I think the biggest issue is the online experience is lacking compared to XBox. It's one thing if your Nintendo with a sub par online experience, they have a dozen in-house game franchises to lean on, and the local networking on the DS is quite popular in certain circles.

Sony and Microsoft are so busy fighting each other on price point that they are taking their eye off Nintendo. Nintendo Wii U pre-orders sold out in under a week. People are buying pre-sale units off ebay for $600+. The IT game console for the holiday season is going to be Wii U.

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I just bought a PS3 after having fought it out with an Apple TV for about a year. As promising as streaming things might seem, I prefer having my content directly connected to the TV. And if I Necessarily have to stream content, it works too. Plus the Blu-Ray support doesn't exactly hurt.

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