Smaller Japan tech firms thrive in OLED niche

By Makiko Yamazaki and Kentaro Hamada

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“It’s such a waste that domestic panel makers have not tapped their technologies.”

Indeed, I have seen many great JP display tech on shows and booth (including fast refresh color e-ink type) but never seen a single Japanese consumer product using them !? guess the next smartphone with full size e-color fast refresh screen /e-reader will never come from a Japanese company. SK tech companies in the opposite, are really great to bring consumers product.

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The article mentions the facts that OLED displays are thin and flexible. It fails to mention the fact that OLEDs can display colors that are more true to life. LCD displays can't do the color red - the closest they get is dark orange. OLED can display deep, rich reds. This is very important for photographers and others who need the most accurate displays possible.

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A no, red is not a problem since red LEDs were the first to make it to the market. OLED has some problem in balancing color though in which some colors are represented more vividly distorting the balance. Some people likes this while some people say it looks artificial. The problem both faces is representation of black since light bleeds into the next pixel or an after glow remains making it look grey.

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I think Japan will go ahead to developing OLED technology, JOLED Inc will be the unique company in the world adapting printing method, JDI and Sharp also will produce OLED with high quality as conclude agreement with semiconductor energy laboratory SEL by adapting qxide semiconductor and CAAC-OS technology developed by SEL.

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