Smart home gadgets need to live together


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One device to rule them all, One device to find them; One device to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Not Sauron but the Singularity, when everything is connected to everything else.

A dream and a nightmare at the same time.

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Amazon Echo chief evangelist David Isbitski.

I hoped that was a typo, a glorious typo that accidentally satirized companies trying to (to borrow the phrase) preach the gospel of their product. That is his real title, and I now have a sad.

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This really is the nail in the coffin for Japan's tech industry. Since the iPhone, Silicon Valley has been doubling down on software innovation. Google, Apple & Amazon has been pushing hard in the software space, as that is the interface between the user & the hardware. Amazing innovation on the back-end, while making the experience as imtuitive as possible.

And this is where Japan has really dropped the ball. Japanese OEMs will still exist as hardware providers, of course. But the innovation in software & services is all but a distant memory.

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Nest connects your house devices, from doorbells to thermostats to fire and CO alarm detectors

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