Smartphone app enables users to keep COVID-19 vaccination records


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So it's just a fancy notepad? I bet if you check the permissions they're harvesting all sorts of data off users for the privilege of not having to use pen and paper...

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Apparently they've been talking about introducing a vaccination pass since September 2019. Yes, 2019!

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App about medical situation must be nationally approved and confidentiality guranteed.

It seems it is only a commercial application.

In France, app has already been running for months, but maybe just over a month to insert vaccination records.

All is very easy through QR codes.

I thought Japan and some other countries had agreed on mutual recognization of a certain app. How are things going to happen for travelling if apps are not compatible ?

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This does not even need an app. Data could be stored in iPhone wallet, for example. Many other solutions, such as storing the data against your MyNumber so you dont even need to keep the record yourself.

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telemetry should not be included in this type of application. At the same time, it is not at all clear how the manufacturer of this application handles user data. The application is not offline-only. If the app is free, then you are the product.

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So does taking a picture of the bloody thing on your phone So does taking a picture of the bloody thing on your phone

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A no-brainer, but publicly run with some modicum of confidentiality and not corporate initiative, please.

Linking to My Number is not my favourite but it’s a start in the right direction.

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Currently there is a certificate of negative test that is provided for people to have a testing center sign and stamp. Since the vaccinated can still contract and spread the virus asymptomatically, a digital certificate of negative status seems to make the most sense. The form is already only valid for 72 hours so it's more reliable. Especially in the coming years when 2020s vaccine won't be considered effective anymore. Or maybe it's not actually about scientific accuracy and more about control... I wonder. Either way what a great time to be a for-profit company to reap rewards from our suffering!

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