Smartphone, internet use at record high in U.S.: survey


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Thank you Obama and your economic recovery. After Trump ruins the US economy, the smart phone use rates in the US will return to the use rate in the stone ages.

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It's a worldwide trend.Is it really a news?

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Pew found 69 percent of Americans use social media, with Facebook the runaway leader.

That generally matches the numbers among people I know. But the ones who don't use social media are all IT professionals (web application programmers, network admins, database administrators, etc.) I wonder if that's the pattern everywhere.

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Maybe its time the world follows the South Korean example and provide free high speed wifi EVERYWHERE. Free internet and usage of apps like LINE and facebook and twitter without roaming charges are sure to boost commerce, trade, services, and even could be a leg up to small start up businesses..

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high internet usage is a function of geography. Harder to have the same ubiquitous levels unless subsidized

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