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Smartphones control smart homes at Asia's biggest tech fair


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It will be interesting to see if the gadgets that give one the ability to turn things on and off remotely in one's home actually consume more energy on average than what the average person would save using this technology. That was a mouthful.

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How someone mediates them self with the world around them generates who they are as a being. I couldn't imagine living like this, no matter how tempting it sounds.

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As much as I want the Panasonics of Japan to reemerge, really hate to say the smart home concept does not appear to be overly innovative and exciting save the benefit in doing without the ten different remote controllers we have in front of us.

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None running on apple.

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Smartphones control your life.

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Panasonic, which has already unveiled rice cookers and washing machines that can be controlled from a mobile phone

how lazy can people get

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There's cooler stuff already available. My computer can be set to automatically go to sleep/shutdown if it is further than 20m from my cellphone, and they've had net connected hot water heaters since the 90s. Smart house concept is garbage, too many things to fail and not enough benefit. Not to mention you need new appliances and very likely a whole new house (unless you want everything from your toaster to the toilet seat clogging up your WiFi).

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Meaning we can not make live without smart phone. Trying to put our brain inside the smart phone. Too much dependency on it.

This will definitely mess people life. We don't give enough work to our brain prone to take wrong decisions/judgment. Become too lazy... No fun in leading such life.

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