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Smartphones power Samsung to record $4.5 bil net profit


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will apple be able to recover $2.5 of that in court?

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Keep it up boys, liking your products very much recently.

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last year Samsung sold $145billion in product, Toyota sold $155billion, but Samsung made more profit in this second quarter than Toyota did all last year, shows you how dominant Samsung has become over there Japanese & world electronic rivals, and too all the "Japan Inc is more high tech" people, Samsung is making what people want too buy, great products at "AFFORDABLE PRICES"

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NO wtfjapan This only shows you why Korean salary workers/contract workers are in terms of OECD standards at the bottom of the list when it comes to Over-time Hours work vs Hours Paid. Samsung treats its employess like Surfs/Pesants. Korean workers are stepped on and over to make profit. This is one reason why Koreans have problems with Stress/Alcoholism/Suicide etc. And they carry huge amount of household debt. Samsung should take better care of their workers. First rate company but sweatshop labor.

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Koreans are very nimble and adept at business. They move fast and adjust quickly. However, the other flip side of the coin is that the ability of "being nimble" mainly comes from the fact that there is virtually no competition for Korean chaebols, or zaibatsu equivalents. Samsung and Hyundai form the bulk of SK's GDP and the government will do anything it can to facilitate business for these two business groups. South Korea is doing well because of this strategy, but it also comes at the cost that should either Hyundai or Samsung slow down or lag, the rest of the SK economy will go with it. Nevertheless congrats, smart management by Samsung to invest in phones really made it for them.

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Ctrl-C + Ctrl-v Company!!!

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they sell a bit more than smartphones, they have US leading market share in TVs, have 50% world market share in Dram memory, while there Japanese electronics competitors were procrastinating after the bubble burst Samsung LG were hell bent on mass production to bring down prices and now giving them much larger world market share, @shiningfinger stress/alcoholism/suicide thats the pot calling the kettle black, Japans had more than "450,000+ SUICIDES" in the last 16 years, is that enough stress for you!!??

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