Smartwatch market slips on Apple decline


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Taiwan is getting its' first Apple Store.

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Well, fundamentally it is a a fancy unpractical gadget... Why do you need a costly watch to do in a different and reduced - more than enhanced way - what you already have been doing for quite a while with your phone? It does not add virtually anything to your everyday life. You still gonna need your phone and internet line and a computer before that. And the phone is already small enough to type, read, and do things... I have my doubts it will survive the hype.

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i needed a new watch for running to replace my old chunky Garmin watch. Got the new Vivoactive for the equivalent of about 11,000 yen during a Black Friday sale. Lasts for a week without a need for recharge, more if I don't use GPS during my runs. Linked to my phone so I can get email notifications (phone usually on silent mode). No need for Apple.

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Most people telling everyone how it is a waste of time and money don't have one. I have one. If you have many appointments during the day it is very handy to check time place and details. If you are on the move for much of the day and receive many text messages and emails, it is extremely useful. You glance at it and within 4 seconds have the information you need.

It also tells you the time without fishing in your bag for your phone.

Of course, it is unpractical if you never had one or used one. And of course, people who don't have things but take the time to write on the internet about how useless those things are, well certainly they are the kind of people we can respect and trust.

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Smartwatches (not the sports-only variants) make sense in the business field. As for Apple, it makes as huge mistake: its updates are yearly. It should speed up the updates for both hardware and software, for Apple Watch.

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Nah, I will never buy smartwatch, there is no point in this kind of gadget for me. Until they make a 3d holographic screens for them :)

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