Snapchat gets $537 million in fresh funding


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Another internet company whose owners make billions on some stupid software that kids use. Too bad that they don't make software that can really benefit humanity instead of kiddy crap that does nothing for society

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@Hawkeye I couldn't disagree more. There are millions of kids in the world that derive fun and enjoyment from sending naked pictures over Snapchat. Are you saying that the enjoyment and entertainment of millions of people should be a lesser concern than helping humanity with socially useful applications? Are you saying that the founders of Snapchat don't deserve their billions for providing countless hours of entertainment and giggles to millions of kids? Sure, the same 15 billions that pension funds, banks and investors are going to pay for the IPO could be used to save lives instead, so what? How about the right to have fun of millions of kids in the developed world? I just don't get your point.

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