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Soft serve ice cream robots create the perfect cone in under 40 seconds

By Shannon, SoraNews24

If you’ve ever tried to create the perfect soft serve ice cream cone, you know it can be way more difficult than it looks. It can get stressful to churn them out in the exact amount, shape, and time necessary, especially when you’re serving them in a restaurant.

So why not leave it to a robot, like many other shopping- and customer-related services in Japan are resorting to?

That’s what Japanese company Connected Robotics has set out to do for the restaurant industry. Their latest creation is the Soft Cream Robot (sofuto kuriimu or “soft cream” being the Japanese way of saying soft serve ice cream) that can create the perfect cone in 32 seconds from start to finish!

▼ Here’s a video to show you how it works.

You start by inputting your order using a tablet or specialized kiosk. This particular model offers vanilla, chocolate, or vanilla-chocolate swirl as flavor options.


Then the robot will come to life. A cone drops from the side of the machine into the Soft Cream Robot’s cone holder, and then it turns to the part of the machine where the ice cream dispenses out. The selected flavor comes out, and the robot gently rotates forwards and backwards to get the perfectly shaped layers of soft serve.


When it’s done, it turns to the customer or employee and serves it up! This particular dinosaur model has a fog feature to let you know that it’s done in an entertaining way.


These robots are also capable of preparing the ice cream in cups, which is useful for places that offer toppings as an option.


Connected Robotics will also work with you to decide on a character for the Soft Cream Robot, with the ones featured in this preview being dog-like and dinosaur-like options. Perhaps you could even make one with your own restaurant’s mascot.

This machine would be perfect as a social distancing device or if you’re a business just getting started on your ice cream making journey. It’s a great and entertaining way to attract both kids and adults to your soft serve menu.

Source: PR Times

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Factory robotics have been doing this sort of thing for decades.

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Factory robotics have been doing this sort of thing for decades.

Did they have touch displays as well? LOL, anyway, good job. Japan tech in action.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

"Sofuto kuriimu". Hmmm, I've always called the dog machines.

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Robot will not be stolen licking soft serve before giving to customer. It's good fun for children. I like soft serve.

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