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SoftBank's Son sets ambition to realize 'super' AI in 10 years

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Seeing it from his or let's say the business and investment side, such an attempt is of course thinkable and understandable to try setting it into practice. But from a more mathematical and IT point of view, this is simply impossible. They almost all still think it's a question of scaling up, more and faster chips, more data clusters and server or processor farms, bigger models and more model parameter tweaking, 1,000 fold, 10,000 fold, trillions fold with quantum computing, whatever. It is not. It cannot and won't work properly due to the intrinsics and also another new reason has been gaining focus now, we are already running out of necessary real life (training) input data. In short terms, AI produces a mix of correct and wrong outputs or even hallucinates due to the underlying math and algorithms, and second, it has already nearly all books, scientific papers, artwork or other knowledge input at hand and not so very much knowledge volume will follow from us human beings that can change the situation or make a significant difference for AI becoming better. Just quickly forget all that hype and failed loud big-mouthed attempt. It now becomes a shame and losing face very fast, when still stubbornly testing and trying on something that simply doesn't work at all.

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