SoftBank's Son asks people on Twitter whether state of emergency should be declared

By Sam Nussey

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The people voting in favor are smarter than the bureaucracy, but we already knew that. Maybe Son can use some of his considerable influence to push them into doing the right thing now before it gets out of control. I don't recommend anyone holding their breath.

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I don't normally I feel sorry for billionaires, but he actually tried to help and got told it to put it where the sun don't shine basically...

Now look where we're at

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A CEO of an IT giant that asks for emergency state, that would boost anything internet related. There's no any conflict of interests in this.

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Son staked most of his investment empire (funded mostly by other people's money) on the sharing economy. Right now, "sharing" is the last thing people should do. This crisis threatens to take down his floundering Vision Fund once and for all-- no wonder he's so concerned.

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Most businesses are already treating it as state of emergency. Most have already closed or changed their business hours, the businesses here are more humane than I would have thought.

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My student said deaths are so low because of the BCG vaccine that Japanese have when very young.

In that case, us foreigners are screwed. Here in Hyogo, they are planning to restart schoools... The governor is an old stubborn guy who told the Osaka governor he was overreacting...

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Being a pragmatic cynic, I would suggest that trump has involvement in this.

Abe -san is being pressured by trump NOT to go to a full declaration of Emergency, because it would make trump look "stupid", as if trump needed any help anyway.

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And I'm in Hyogo too.And with only 13 new cases today and 200 overrall of which few are kids,I applaud the governor for having the balls to open schools.People think oh the kids,the kids,but they're the least suspectible.

That is great, until they start passing it to their parents and grandparents. And one of the major hospitals is already understaffed because someone working there got the virus.

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