SoftBank chief aims to create world's No.1 company


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More greedy more greedy please....these companies grow bigger then entire nations and collude with politicians in exchange of favors to grow even bigger..I personally think that when a corporate becomes this big their wealth should be injected in the form of liquidity and distributed equally to the people in really need or alternatively be used to finance new infrastructures in developing countries...I know its pure utopia and that it will never happen in modern world....

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Sure Son san! How about getting us DECENT radio/cellphone reception HERE IN JAPAN before saying taking on the REST of the world?? We can not even make a call or get calls if we do not move near a window in my house here in TOKYO! So sorry mate, not exactly impressed by your vision of being Numero UNO in the world when you SUCK not only here in Japan but here in TOKYO!! Great TV CMs though! I love that white dog who is the big daddy and talks with Dante Carver and Ueto Aya!

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Soft bank is tiny, in comparison to the Worlds No.1 Company in terms of revenue. Exxon Mobiles revenue is 15 times that of Softbank, which is 3.2 Trillion Yen..

Perhaps he should say, we want to become Japans number 1 company..

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The "NASCAR Softbank Cup"......just doesn't have the right ring to it.

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Softbankl was headed the way of the dodo until Apple's iphone and Docomo's lack of foresight bailed it out. Now everyone thinks this man is some sort of genius. Good luck passing companies like ExxonMobil in the greed department. It's pretty crowded there.

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Can they make Sprint's coverage in the US Midwest not suck? If they can do that and charge somewhere less than the highway robbery Verizon is charging they could potentially make a decent go in the US.

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Apple is the number one company and you are not going to do it with Sprint. Sprint sucks.

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Number one in the world? Not as long as they keep placing so many restrictions on their iPhone contracts. Totally out of sync with contracts elsewhere.

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haha prepare to be broken up by the government

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AHAHAH! You can't even make a call on their network, let alone send messages without getting errors and he wants to make the world's #1 company?

Yeah, good luck with that! Worst cell provider BAR NONE!

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Can't wait to see how american people will react to the Softbank's way of ripping you off , my favorite one being the "0yen handset" that... you are PAYING monthly, well I guess you cannot be number 1 without taking money in your customer's pocket.

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Aims and achievements ... Two very different things!

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in biology, things only get to a certain size, then become subdivided because it is no longer efficient to maintain a large size.

Even companies don't grow into the largest in the world can stay that way for long. Apple's writing is on the Android wall, ExxonMobil is basically trading stock back and forth, and JPMorgan is a bank with an increasingly losing record white whale style.

These are all symptoms of being too large for too long and the need to subdivide if not separate into other companies will eventually pull them apart.

Being the biggest company in the world? That's not a reason. That's a symptom.

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@Jason Park: Apple hasn't been the world's number 1 company for a long time now, get with the times :)

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Go big or go home.

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gogogo wrote:

@Jason Park: Apple hasn't been the world's number 1 company for a long time now

The list you link is for "Revenue" which is just the amount of sales. High revenue is nice, of course, but profit and capitalization are better indicators of a company's size and success. In capitalization, Apple was still #1 last year and so far this year:

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We will become the world’s No. 1 company at any cost

If I were a stock holder of Softbank this would be the signal to exit...

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The company president announces a goal like every company's executive and of course JapanToday experts come back with negative comments.

I wonder why CEOs from all over the world don't get advise from JT experts before they make any annoucement ? LOL

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The company president announces a goal like every company's executive and of course JapanToday experts come back with negative comments.

When you get the feeling that corporate decisions are guided by vanity instead of cool-headed business considerations, doesn't it sound an alarm bell? In general I have a high esteem for Son, but this announcement left me puzzled.

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