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Softbank announces $20 bil Sprint-Nextel buyout


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i don't see how this is a win for softbank. if softbank can ship over more japanese cellphone models to the us, it's a boon for sharp and panasonic. and the article doesn't mention that softbank is already in debt for 13 billion dollars, and that's why ratings agencies will downgrade softbank.

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I really want to know where they get their cash, they bought vodafone Japan for 30 billion dollars now they are buying a majority stake in sprint for 70 billion dollars?

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@gogogo: what part of loans from the Megabanks and Deutsche didn't you get?

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at least he can make it happen, most Japanese company execs couldn't even negotiate a loan

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I really want to know where they get their cash

possibly with the use of loans from Japan’s top three banks and Deutsche Bank, the Nikkei said.

The agreement would provide heavily indebted Sprint

The cash comes from you if you use these American/Japanese banks. And from every taxpayer when these banks fail.

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Buyout or bailout???

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at least he can make it happen, most Japanese company execs couldn't even negotiate a loan

cwhite -- maybe that is because Son is a Korean national. Sure wish him luck. As he himself states, the U.S. market is a huge challenge as the competition in mobile phones is fundamentally different in nature than the Japanese one.

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SoftBank, well, they will make money with their 2 year plan and you will know what happen if you try to quit lol... The write dog, your father will bite you.

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THANK YOU iPHONE !!!!!!! Masayoshi Son should thank his lucky stars for that one

iPhone made Softbank !!!!!!

NTT ? hahahahaha !!!! NTT screwed up when it ignored buying into Apple's iPhone.

I'm sure Sony back in the days told NTT don't negotiate talks with Apple.

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So many people and companies here are adverse to risk. Really like Son's attitude and vision. Best of luck to him and Softbank on this new challenge.

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Meh. I dumped Sprint after they made that big push with their Sprint PCS service, then completely abandoned it a year later and went digital. All the PCS users? Left out in the cold. No offer to move them over to digital. F them.

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What this means for Softbank subscribers in Japan: Your services in Japan have just been thrown out the window. Basically Son is betting on growth and is spending on network upgrades in the USA over upgrading in Japan. I mean.... $20 billion of Softbank's balance sheet just went West.

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Awesome! I want to start seeing SoftBank Commercials with Takeshi Kitano here in the U.S.!!

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whiskeysour' iphone didn't make softbank, yahoo did.

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Softbank did lose a lot in shares in addition to paying the price. I hope it was worth it in the long run.

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see , if business would behave like predators, not just pretend to be while behaving like a virus, this world might be completely different. I have ofcourse no clue what im saying

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this purchase probably shows that this guy is relying on some sort of hype as a marketing strategy, not good business sense.

the stock value plunged...

the sharks in america are going to have a feeding frenzy.

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Masayoshi-San Softbank Company should sponsor Kamui Kobayashi-San who will lose his F1 Sauber Seat to Nico Hulkenberg because he does not have sponsor. If Softbank want to do International Business and then Softbank needs to advertise it brand. Kobayashi is most popular person outside Japan. Sponsoring Kobayashi-San will benefit to Softbank as become well known brand in future.

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Sprint has never really done a great job at advertising, marketing and public relations, compare to what AT&T and Verizon have done. Maybe it never understood the importance of these initiatives in the business world. That is hurting Sprint today. Problem with Sprint is that they started offering 4G LTE only in about 15 markets, with nationwide coverage not expected until the end of 2013. Compare that to the Verizon LTE network already in 330 markets, and AT&T's in 47. If Sprint can speed up this process, they might be able to compete.

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If all of this can help improve my Japanese Softbank service and also improve my Iphone service when I go back to the USA, I am for it, because it would be real nice to be able to use my Iphone, Ipads etc..back and for on both sides of the Pacific Ocean!! You know what I mean??

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'Whiskeysour'.....NTT never backed out of trying to acquire the Iphone. It is Apple that stubbornly refused to allow Docomo to put in any proprietary software on the iphone. Infact NTT was all prepared to release the iphone4 and later iphone5 but, the negotiations turned sour at the last moment.

Their preparations for the iphone4 resulted in the creation of a company called bmobile, that supplies data and voice connections for unlocked iphones. All data and voice connections are routed through the foma network. their prepaid, no-frill data only connections are ideal for visitors whou would want internet and stay in touch back home through skype, viber etc.

For proof there are a couple of subsidiaries that are preparing revolutionary software for the Japanese market , for the iphone.

(this is not an ad and I dont work for bmobile or any other related telecom company)

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Has a Japanese aquisition of an American company ever gone well? What are the success stories?

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