SoftBank eyes T-Mobile US as 'Plan B'


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wow what a risky move, but i guess thats all business.

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If SoftBank decides to walk away from the Sprint deal, it would stand to make somewhere around $5 billion from currency hedging gains

So in other words, SoftBank has a huge incentive to walk away and buy T-Mobile instead. I mean, $5 billion is no chump change.

It's looks like a win-win situation for SoftBank's profitability.

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so if Sprint reject Softbank's bid of 20.1 Billion USD, than SB will make SB 5 Billion USD and they can use it towards T-Mobile US purchase, if true. it's sound like SB wins either way.

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" it would stand to make somewhere around $5 billion from currency hedging gains"

Wow, that alone would be a good enough reason to walk away from the deal. I don't know how else they could make that kind of money...

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T-Mobile make out rather well when the AT&T deal fell through. They pumped that extra money into their 4G roll-out.

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And it's a good way to put indirect pressure on Sprint and Clearwire to dump Dish and side with Softbank.

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