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SoftBank joins ultrafast 5G race as domestic competition heats up


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5G = China.

Anyone looked at which Countries have the highest Covid-19 rates and compared to their 5G Adoption with Chinese technology.... Guess who visited those Countries ?

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Meanwhile, I'll just stick to the cheapest "Kaku-yasu" sim plan of 980 yen a month with 3GB which also includes phone calls at 21 yen a per minute, I think. But don't make calls, I use Line to do that since it's ubiquitous in Japan.

And I get it even cheaper at 680 yen per month at double the GB (6) since I bundled it with my unlimited GB fibre broadband for home use

Basically, out on the road this cheap plan is fine for web browing, using Line etc (which I do a lot when commuting). Not good if streaming Netflix etc , but don't enjoy doing that on a train with a small screen anyway.

I'm happy with the massive savings.

5G is actually overkill. It's all about clever marketing.

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5G is actually overkill. It's all about clever marketing.

Yes, because everyone uses the internet the same way you do, and therefore it's overkill for everyone, right?

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