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SoftBank reported in deal to merge Sprint, T-Mobile


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I think a big problem with this potential merger is that Sprint uses CDMA digital cellular, while T-Mobile USA uses GSM digital cellular. The combined company will have to pick between the two standards going foward for the USA market--and GSM is a better choice because is far more widely used internationally than CDMA.

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I'm pretty sure AT&T tried this not too long ago and failed.

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I've had a couple of Sprint products in the past, but things changed and both got dropped. At one time, Sprint was the out front leader in fiber optics, not so much now; looks like SoftBank owns that position in Japan. T-Mobile keeps on improving their service with the latest being a world wide flat rate for Instant Messaging. Hopefully, SB will keep the T-Mobile management team on board. I will mention this story later this week at our local city's meeting about a local fiber-optic provider named UPTOPIA because of the additional competition aspect. Thanks for your just in time article.

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