SoftBank-Saudi high-tech Vision Fund raises $93 bil


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Son visits Trump, Trump praises Son.

Trump visits Saudi.

Son invests in Saudi.

Whats going on in the backroom?

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["Technology has the potential to address the biggest challenges and risks facing humanity today," Son said in the statement.

"The SoftBank Vision Fund... will help build and grow businesses creating foundational platforms of the next stage of the information revolution," he said.]

Wait a minute... doesn't Suadi Arabia already censore the internet, books and media for the government's benefit, not for it's people? So what exactly will this new venture accomplish?

More ways for the Suadi government to censor on it's behalf and cell phones for terrorist bomb makers coming from their Arab country?

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Son, reduce our phone bills by reducing commercials.

Softbank rates end up being far higher that the quotes

to customers.

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Not really in my experience as a customer WIFi and 20GB for my Keitai.

Son himself said that they could do without charging for calls and more.

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And how much do you pay ?

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Max of 12.000/month for keitai and fiber/wifi connection.

AU ripped me off more, don't start on Docomo.

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I pay for 2 phones one smart and a galapagos max 10,000yen kakehodai and that

includes the cost of the Galaxy edge handset.

The believe that docomo is expensive is just a myth.

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Mileage varies. Truly depends on the needs and packages.

Granted Docomo has the biggest selection of handsets and I use my tablet more than my keitai. Softbank took over NTT/Flets.

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When I went to change my softbank phones recently, they asked me all sorts of inappropriate questions on their "forms".

I had to answer these questions asking me how many people were in my home, how much money I made, and my preferences in appliances.

If softbank does this while others dont I think Ill quit in protest.

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I am not a fan of Softbank anymore, but Son is making some serious player moves. He is definitely on a different level compared to most Japanese business leaders.

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This guy has lost a lot of investors a lot of money. During the dot com bust, SoftBank lost something like 95% of its value. If everyone is into big promises that are short on delivery, just follow this guy and good luck to you.

With all of the reverse splits and dilution, I am pretty sure the stock is STILL not up to the level it was in about the year 2000. Yep. The stock has a negative return over 17 years. Can't be absolutely sure of that, but no way that stock has doubled more than 4 times during that period, so I feel safe with my guess.

Remember when Son was going to lead a solar revolution in Japan? What about this plans for doing the same in India? I keep hearing announcements from this guy, but no follow through.

haha. The article mentions a 50 billion promise from Son to Donald Trump. Right. That is going to happen. Trump holds fundraisers for disabled veterans and the funds kind of disappear, and Son makes his promises and we never hear about it again. These guys are peas in a pod.

In all seriousness go look at what this guy has promised people since the mid 1990s and then try to match it up with what he has actually accomplished. PT Barnum's circus is gone now, but PT Barnum is alive and well in this guy, M. Son. People keep falling for his spiels.

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