SoftBank to buy UK chip giant ARM for $32 bil


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Well, it seems that contrary to all the doubters here that the some don't believe all the negative hype.....!

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Softbank users be prepared for higher phone bills.

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It's a fire sale.

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And..... and.... SoftBank does not really have the money to pay for this deal. Well I shouldn't say that, because SoftBank is a Japanese company.... and basically Japanese banks never seem to call in bad performing loans. SoftBank said hey, lets take advantage of all the cheap and easy money we can. Lets borrow and borrow until we're too big to fail.... and if we do.... no big deal, some government program will support us. I'll give SoftBank credit.... wait bad choice of words... I'll give SoftBank accolades for realizing it can borrow money and buy tangible assets with little consequence. For you doubters... just look at SoftBank's yearly report. As I've said before, as long as the Yen stays inordinately strong, the govt should just print it and buy up U.S. Stock holdings that pay a decent dividend, just transfer those stocks into the Govt Pension plan.... FREE MONEY. Once markets really wake up to what they're doing.... the Yen will really weaken, and that is what we want.

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Once markets really wake up to what they're doing.... the Yen will really weaken, and that is what we want

yep and maybe that illusion of JPY as being a safe haven currency might well and truly be broken once and for all.

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From Hermann Hauser, the founder of ARM:

-SoftBank is a reasonable acquirer but this is sadly one of the unintended consequences of Brexit. The fall in sterling has made this very cheap and while I suspect they were considering it for a long time, they have acted now because the opportunity is there.

-It’s a sad loss of independence. Britain is becoming a smaller and smaller player in the tech sector. But on what grounds would you intervene? Internationally it’s not sustainable

-The future of Arm could have been determined by the UK management team. Now it will be determined in Japan.

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I feel sad for the mobile industry.

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The Brexit fire sale begins. "See", say Hammond and the Brexiteers, "we're still open for business! What were you worried about?"... well, one thing I was worried about was a massive drop in the value of sterling leading to Asian, American, and European companies buying out British companies at bargain prices. Not the sign of a strong and growing economy.

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The deal still needs to be fully financed..... and SoftBank is already $100 Billion in debt. If the deal does go through... I'm quite interested to see how it will be structured and where the money is coming from.

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This is really a huge move. Most commenters above me don't understand how huge...

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"It's a fire sale."

A "fire sale" where someone is going to get really, really, really rich. LOL.

ARM has taken full advantage of being in Britain, yet has refused to "give back" to the country, creating only a tiny number of jobs there. They'd rather create jobs (and prosperity) in places like Korea.

So the local job-creation provision is a really good idea.

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I heard that Softbank is in real debt. This doesn't make sense.

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It would guarantee to double the number of jobs in ARM in the UK over the next five years and turn this great British company into a global phenomenon.

I'll believe it when I see it as far as the jobs go. I've seen this happen before with ARM's long dead parent, Acorn.

As far as being a global phenomenon is concerned, however, considering its use in so many devices including nearly every smartphone in current use, I'd suggest that they already are one.

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