Software developers try on Apple watch; see more apps coming


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taking your phone out of your pocket takes too much work. But here any tapped phone by national agencies will be able to listen to all your conversations much much more easily, all in real time

It's Google Glass for your arm, no wonder Google isn't interested given the public backlash they've already experienced.

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You certainly can't compare an obstrusive gadget that one has to carry on the face to a discrete watchlike computer on your wrist.

IMO, the Apple Watch will become a replacement for iPhones in the long run. These seconds one saves by just looking at the wrist instead of pulling the iPhone out of somewhere will win customers. It is the first model, and like the iPhone in the next iterations it will morph into something faster and convenient.

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Total waste of money

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gogogo: "Total waste of money"

So don't buy it, and let those who want to buy it in peace. You spend more time ranting on Apple-related threads than any 'fanboy' you constantly decry. And I see after this thread proving that investors and even rivals see opportunities and a huge new venue for apps instead of the "flop" you predicted that you've stopped talking about it being a failure.

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Total waste of money

Analysts said that about the iPad - "It's just a giant iPhone". Now it's "It's just a small iPhone". Even at $25k the Edition sold out at preorder...

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sure I can. Why worry about the face machine, when you can wear a voice recorder on your wrist? They'll get the conversations they never got before. So instead of iWatch it will be iListen

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Mmm I kinda like the iwatch, it's definitely a step up from the google watches. Now the google watches have to step up their game and release the second generation of watches, which will surpass the iwatch, then Apple will have to step up their game..and so it the end the iwatch will be as reliable and useful as an iphone 6 and the google watches as reliable and useful as a S6, HTC m9, Z4 etc etc. Great stuff for the consumer, you can buy a great watch for the system you bought into....until that time comes I just sit back and wait

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smithinjapan: Just my opinion mate, wont be buying it and laughing at anyone that did.

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Just my opinion mate, wont be buying it and laughing at anyone that did.

Of course you are welcome to your opinion, but it seems weird you'd laugh at someone who is just buying something they want.

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Just make sure ya don't have a tattoo on your watch wrist. The green and infrared LEDs that check blood can get reflected by solid tattoos.

Next stop, inconspicuous Google Glasses

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