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Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool


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Facebook already asks for your thoughts. Now it wants your prayers.

Okay: I pray that Facebook dies and dissapears forever.

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Pray or do nothing..

Will have exactly the same effect.

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The social media giant has rolled out a new prayer request feature, a tool embraced by some religious leaders as a cutting-edge way to engage the faithful online.

Facebook is cannily carving out its market niche of the anti-rational, regressive socially conservative social network of choice. It has proven a profitable course of action for Fox News in old media.

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becoming the social conservative network?

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Go to hell!!!!

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I thought they were deleting everything that was not science based?

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This is nothing more than another cynical ploy to target ads -- if you post a prayer request to help with a loved one's medical problems, how long before you start getting medically targeted ads?

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You might as well talk to a cat for all the difference it'll make. Then again, cats actually exist and can actually do things. Prayer isn't an act of faith, it's an act of doubt. You have doubts that "God's Divine Plan" is working the way you'd like it to, so you pray for a change in that plan. It's pretty selfish too, when you think about it that way. As Burning Bush said: if you're praying for your friend to be successful in an interview, you're simultaneously praying for other people to fail that interview. If you're praying for your sports team to win so you can be happy about that, you're also praying for the other team to lose and for that team's fans to be upset.

This is nothing more than another desperate attempt to stem the flood of people abandoning the platform in favour of one that actually fixes its problems rather than ignoring them.

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Pray for (insert city/country). Also, twiddle your thumbs for world hunger. Wish upon a star for a cure for (insert terminal illness). 

And change your profile pic to a polar bear so climate change will end.


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God bless you all, everyone.

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Now they are monetising people's faith.

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Is FB aware that atheism is rapidly growing in numbers where as all other mythical based belief systems are rapidly reducing.

Anyway. Even if you do believe, isn't asking for prayers the same as asking for people to do nothing? Therefore was a prayer request even necessary?

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Smart move by facebook. If people are willing to give money for a god, they will be willing to give facebook money for their gods.

I'm sure their gods will appreciate the gesture all the same regardless of who receives the money, as the spiritual divination comes from the act of sacrifice, not from the recipient of the funds.

I see no problem with this, and it's a great and holy business decision by the Church of Facebook.

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