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Sony's PlayStation 5 handheld device to roll out later this year


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So your PS5 has to be on, and you have to have an internet connection on both ends, to use this?

Even if they're not going to make dedicated handheld games for it like they did with the Vita, why not let people pre-load games on their PS4/5 and take this device to continue playing on the go?

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Sony keeps making "unusual" choices for their handheld gaming devices, and lots of people are not happy with what is known from this one. For me it seems like they wanted to imitate (just not too closely) the functionality of the Nintendo Switch, so you could play on a big and small screen with the same game, but this seems like a too complicated way to achieve this purpose.

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@Rex - I was thinking the same thing. People like the Switch, but Sony seems obsessed with streaming rather than letting people own the games they buy. Having enjoyed the Vita, this seems like a giant waste of data to me.

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