FILE - In this June 14, 2018, file people stand online next to the PlayStation booth at the 24th Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Sony said Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020 its upcoming PlayStation 5 video game console will cost $500 and launch Nov. 12, setting up a holiday battle with Microsoft's Xbox Series X over whose new console will turn up more under the tree this year. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

Sony's new $500 PlayStation 5 will launch Nov 12


Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 video game console will cost $500 and launch Nov. 12, the company said Wednesday, setting up a holiday battle with Microsoft's Xbox Series X over whose new console will turn up under more trees this year.

Video game fans have been chomping at the bit for the new consoles, and not just because they've been stuck inside since March. The roughly 7-year life cycle of a video game console has been nearing an end. Both predecessor consoles, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, launched in 2013.

The new consoles promise faster load times, souped up graphics and new games. Sony's console is also more expensive this time around; the PS4 launched for $400 in 2013.

Sony's PS5 will come in two different models — a standard version with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive for $500, and a digital-oriented version with no disk drive that costs $400. While you can still buy games on optical disks, it’s increasingly common for gamers to download them in digital form instead.

The U.S., Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea will see the console on Nov. 12; everywhere else will get it a week later.

In a presentation Wednesday, Sony previewed games including “Spider-Man: Miles Morales," which will be available at launch, and a Harry Potter game, “Hogwarts Legacy," which will be out in 2021. It gave a sneak peak of “Final Fantasy XVI," which will be exclusive to PlayStation, but did not specify when that game will launch.

Last week, Microsoft said its Xbox Series X will cost $500 and debut Nov. 10, just ahead of the holidays. A stripped down version, Xbox Series S, will cost $300 and be available at the same time. Pre-orders begin Sept. 22. New video games at launch include “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” “Gears Tactics,” “Dirt 5,” and “Watch Dogs Legion.”

Nintendo, which makes another popular console, the Nintendo Switch, won't have a new model out until next year. But Facebook could offer Microsoft and Sony some holiday competition. It said on Wednesday a new version of its wire-free virtual reality headset, the Oculus Quest 2, will start shipping October 13, just in time for the holidays.

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I just bought two Switch’s for the family. Love that they can be used portably and on the TV. Games like Animal Crossing are fun too and they look good on my 4K 65inch TB. Other than load time and making it VR, I can’t see how a next gen console would really improve games like Animal Crossing.

One of the biggest issues with digital is the restrictions put in place. Apple got it right with Family Sharing. Nintendo’s system JUST works when sharing between two consoles - but while one console can have a digital game played by any user, the second can only have it played by the game purchaser and they must have WI-FI for DRM. It’s clunky and only JUST works. It wouldn’t work if we bought a 3rd console.

If I was buying a next gen system it would be based on how flexible the digital rights system is for multi users, multi devices

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Ps4 has remote play which you can play your Ps4 games on Ipad, Iphone or PC with PS4 controller connectivity via blue tooth. Because of the Switch's hardware limitations, games are almost always going to be Med res/animated Marioesque adventures with the odd EA/2k title thrown in the pot..Next Gen is all about graphics and realism geared towards 3rd person shooters/Madden IMO and the SSD will improve load times. Digital rights has always been tricky especially with multiple online accounts for any console and if you've got a stack of PS4 discs in your drawer then you better head to GEO and hock em off asap as they wont be transferable to PS5 Digital version

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I would love to get my hands on one, but like the past systems (PS3&PS4) there will probably be a newer model with some improvments. I was a little surprised at the SSD space, was expecting more. Still thinking of whether I'd get the regular or digital +some accessory. Cheaper buying digital while living in Japan.

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I just don't understand the Xbox philosophy. My PHONE can download thousands of different little games, my PC could be used to play an endless amount of whatever. I already have those. Almost everyone does.

If you are not creating compelling exclusive content I can't fathom why anyone would want to drop another $500 on another box that largely just accesses the Internet.

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lol man agreed! But not everyone plays baby games and settles for animal crossing dude hahaha

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seems it can't play ps3 games? shame as I have some games I never even opened, after my little boy jammed fake coins and stuff into my ps3.

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I think people have unrealistic expectations from a $500 console which will be good for at least 5 years, while the same people will change their $700 smartphone every 2. 5 years. New graphic card from Nvdia is $800, that's just the graphics card. No one is complaining about the price, in fact that's cheap compared to $1200 graphic card of previous generation from Nvidia.

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The only game I'm currently interested in is Spider-man: Miles Morales, so I'll stick with my PS4 for now, and wait until there's a bigger library. God of War 2 would be a real tempt-maker.

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Wait! Spider-man AND Horizon 2 are coming to PS4. Haha, then, no, PS5.

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Don't compare consoles to desktop PC's. It's just a dumb argument as they serve 2 different purposes.

I am not lugging my water cooled dual graphics card desktop PC anywhere.

One graphics card is $700-1800 dollars and you can't play games without the rest of the PC.

I can take a console with me on a trip, to conventions, or anywhere I want to game.

On my desk at work I had a console that I would use when there was nothing going on.

I had a console and a TV in my car so I could play in the parking lot.

I am not building my water cooled desktop PC into my Honda. I wouldn't play it enough.

I buy both consoles because I am not limited in what I can purchase with my own money.

The PS5 sold out on sites last night. People are still watching sites right now trying to get a pre-order.

The XBOX pre-order isn't for another few days. People will still be pre-ordering.

So don't bother trying to act like PC superiority makes sense when it's all about convenience.

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There is no contest.

The Xbox Series X destroys the PS5 at same price.

All multiplatform games will be superior on the Xbox Series X.

In fact, even Japanese games like Resident Evil 8(Biohazard to you) is running fine on the Xbox Series X, but not on the PS5.

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If ya have an Android device and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ya can now officially play Game Pass games on your Android device thru internet streaming

We've been playing on our phones for awhile

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I just stick to PC gaming on STEAM with my video card(GTX1080-TI) that is now outdated due to the RXT3080!

I live on a PC, work on PC all day at work so for me make sense to just stick to PC gaming. My last version of Playstaion I had was a PS2 and never went back to console gaming ever sense.

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How do you play call of duty on a console with a controller? I need my keyboard and mouse.

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