Sony chairman credited with developing CDs dies


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I thought Philips invented the CD.

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Nope. Sony presented the first prototype in 1976, and Philips followed with their own prototype in 1979. The two companies then collaborated to create a consumer product standard that they annnounced a year later in 1980.

Philips was, however, ahead of Sony in its development of Laser Disc technology, which Compact Disc tech was ultimately based on.

Either way, CDs are sheer genius and revolutionized how people hear music. Kudos and a big thank you to Mr. Ohga for his vision and inspiration.

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Especially interesting was the reason why a CD holds 75 minutes, not 60 or 90. Let's hope Sony finds another such visionary as Mr. Ohga to get them out of their slump.

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Philips was, however, ahead of Sony in its development of Laser Disc technology, which Compact Disc tech was ultimately based on.

Right. The standing CD format was jointly developed by Philips and Sony; Philips contributing their laser technology and Sony error correction technology.

The cooperation was of great benefit to both rival companies and of course the entire recording industry as it eliminated confusing different standards by other companies.

Mr. Ohga rest in peace.

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The company says he was key in building the Sony brand, especially working on design, as well as quality, to make products that looked attractive to consumers.

It's these type of passionate executives that are sorely lacking in the business world today. Everyone's a 'banker'/MBA straight jacket from fancy schools who don't teach anything worthwhile (and apparently without much ethics. lol) any more.

I've always been a fan of Japanese products -- cars, electronics, etc. Always first rate QUALITY. It's these types of exceptional Sony leaders that Japan needs -- in both business & government -- today now that South Korea & China are keen on dethroning this Asian tiger.

Rest in peace Mr. Ohgha! Ya did real good.

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For anyone interested, there's an exhaustive history of Sony (including Ohga-san) here: bit . ly / hK0lBM

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Thanks to Mr. Ohga, I have many, many great memories from my CDs, especially when I really, really need them when I am stuck in traffic here in Tokyo or anywhere in the world. Arigato Ohga san!

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