Sony develops 'SmartEyeglass'


Sony Corp has developed "SmartEyeglass," transparent lens eyewear that connects with compatible smartphones to superimpose information such as text, symbols, and images, onto the user's field of view.

SmartEyeglass is equipped with a diverse range of sensing technologies, including a CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, Gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor, and microphone. SmartEyeglass utilizes these features, together with GPS location information from the connected smartphone, to provide information optimized to the user's current circumstances. Sony has leveraged its unique hologram optics technology to develop a lens that achieves high transparency of 85% and thickness of just 3.0 mm, without the use of half mirrors that obstruct the user's vision.

Furthermore, the monochrome display ensures that while energy consumption is lower than a color display, high luminance (up to 1,000 cd/m2) is achieved, to deliver a screen with clear readability that allows the user to easily read text in a wide range of environments.

The exchange of various types of data such as sensing information between SmartEyeglass and a wirelessly-connected smartphone, mean that depending on the smartphone application the device has the potential to be used in a wide range of usage scenarios. SmartEyeglass realizes even more convenient and enjoyable lifestyles for users by enabling them to obtain information hands-free, without the need to look away. For example, users will be able to view navigation information while walking, check a recipe while cooking without taking their eyes from their hands, or view information related to a certain player while watching a sports game in a stadium.

Sony plans to offer SmartEyeglass for sale to developers by the end of FY2014, with the intention of further promoting the development of applications and accelerating the commercialization of the product for consumer use.

Sony's SmartWear experiences draw on the combination of its sensing technologies and smartphones to enable users to log their daily activities (Lifelog), and help them bring even greater enjoyment and convenience to their lives. Going forward, Sony will continue to offer products, applications, and services that aim to enrich each user's daily activities and further proliferate the Sony SmartWear experience.

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Slim design? Ha, they look a bit clunky to me. Still a step forward though, so looking forward to seeing where they will go from here.

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like google glasses, i don't see this device catching on because not everyone wants to wear glasses. regardless of how thin they get, for a majority of people wearing glasses just isn't cool. and with glasses easy to break, there's just not enough selling points.

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I guess it all depends on how much the glasses bring to the table in terms of increased productivity. I wear contact lenses specifically because I don't like having to correct my eyesight with bulky glasses. But the Sony glasses, like Google Glass, aren't seeking to convince people to return to eyeglass-based corrective lenses. They are pitching their products as additional tools in the modern drive to be even more connected to information than ever.

It's a natural progression really: We started with desktop computers where our access was limited to how soon we could get back to our desk. Then we miniaturized with laptops, then ultrabooks, and now the ubiquitous smartphone. Access to information is only as far away as arm's length. So, what would be better than having it right in front of our eyes, literally, hands-free, ready to go?

There's a market for these things, and it's only a matter of time before this kind of tech gets further miniaturized into something far less clunky and more easily concealed, like contact lenses or more permanent optical implants.

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SmartEyeGlasses like GoogleGlass for the time being are nothing more than very expensive toys.

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Sony glasses are Augmented Reality glasses, while the GooGlasses are HUD-like so there's no comparison. In a sense, Sony glasses are the true smart glasses from sci-fi. Get the facts right people. Go Sony!

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It still too big. I prefer Epson eye glasses since the price is in the range of 300 dollars and comes with android inside.

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Accident is waiting.

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