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Sony Ericsson eyes Android market with new phones


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As long as Nokia is clueless and sticking to the Windows operating system, Sony Ericsson stands to gain market share with Android.

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The Android market in Japan is heating up, that's for sure.

Here is a good example.

It took au FOREVER to come out with any Androids worth merit. I have no idea why they were so late to do so (Maybe Inamori Chairman was too busy saving JAL?) Anyway, they have a bunch now to compete in the market. My plan is to switch to the HTC EVO model. On Sunday I was in Shibuya and one au shop is offering an EVO with a new contract, giving away a FREE Samsung Tab. The tab looks like an ugly, retro version of the Galaxy. The guts are the Galaxy, but apparently the battery life is only TWO HOURS on a full (6hr) charge. I wouldn't even be able to use it as an e-Reader for one round trip commute to and from work! So I gave up with the exciting thought of switching phones for now. But with a two hour battery life, that means they can only be using old battery technology to keep the price low enough to give them away for free (when you compare with the iPad2 that has a 10-12hr battery life, and can be fully charged in 3hrs).

These tabs actually debuted on March 11th, but apparently they never really got anywhere (perhaps the focus on the "triple whammy" had something to do with it). So now it seems they probably want to get rid of them as a bunch of new tabs are coming on the market as well.

But as you can see by the example above, the cell phone carriers really want to sell their smart phones and get new subscribers (above example was only for new subscriptions, not people who wanted to change their phones).

So, it will be interesting to see what Sony Ericsson comes up with, as well as Docomo, HTC, Samsung, and all the other non-iOS players. Things are getting hot this summer, and it's not just the mercury.

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I've got a HTC EVO and I am extremely happy with it. Just the fact that you can replace the batteries will render you speechless if you are used to using an iphone. The wireless router and WiMax are just out of this world. Love it. AU's network, at least in my area, has the best service in my opinion.

Have fun with it.


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