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Sony gears up for PlayStation Vita's Japan launch


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OMG!! I can not wait! 3D?? I am sure I will be the coolest guy on the train if I can show off myself playing SONY VITA!!

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me like, me want... how much??

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Good luck Sony, hope this hits home for you. You need all the help you can get.

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Can't wait!! Im gonna get it just for the new UNCHARTED game!!

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It depends on the Web-Browser and the price. The old PSP had the worst web browser ever. Websites never displayed properly. If it has a solid browser, lets say Google Chrome on it THEN it might have my attention.

Next is, HOW MUCH? Better not be half the price of an iPad.

PSP Vita's debut comes at the WORST time in America. After Christmas, just as the credit card bills are arriving and most importantly.......just as the rumor mill goes into high speed about iPad 3. If iPad3 is coming in April, people will hold on to their money. That's going to be a MUST-HAVE device.

If SONY had been smarter PSP Vita would be on sale now. Especially after Iphone 4S showed little change.

It's all about what people are going to do with their discretionary income.

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Eventually, all these portable game devices will be killed off by the smart phone and iPad.

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30,000 yen but add to that a 3G subscription to play online = expensive.

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The train left the station and this device isn't going anywhere. A few core gamers who must have it. Everyone else will be playing their casual games† on an iOS or Ice Cream Sandwich device. Too little, too late, too expensive --they lose like ¥20,000 per device; how will that compete with iOS devices which are revenue positive at the outset?

This should have been axed. Know when to cut your losses.

†Angry Birds, Farmville, etc.

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30,000 yen. Nah, I'll pass. That's half the price of a 16gb iPad 3.

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No it isn't.

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good. always wanted a PSP. Hopefully it will drop to under 10,000 yen, if it hasn't already.

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ill pass this one... it looks "geeky"... ill wait a year or two for the cooler "slim" version with lots of colors to choose from. I dont want my psp vita be called PSPVitaFat when the slim arrives. haha!

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If only it was a keitai also... T_T

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