Sony hopes online service will build brand loyalty


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They're off to a great start, expecting everyone who buys a PSP Go to re-purchase all their damned games.

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I'm totally open to buying Sony, but I love my iTouch and iPhone and unless Apple does something really stupid to either of those devices I will never buy Sony simply to be able to download their content. What they (and Apple) really need to do is allow downloads from any device. The way these companies manage this stuff now is really ridicululous.

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Sony's websites are notorious for being difficult to navigate around and find what you want, and until their after sales service and support improve, they will not generate any improved loyalty.

Most people nowadays know about "Sony Time"; that very short period of time between the expiry of a Sony warranty, and the breakdown of the product.

They try getting your product repaired! By the time you have been shunted around 3-4 different companies, and then quoted an outrageous repair estimate, it is cheaper to buy a new one - and that is probably Sony's real strategy!

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2 things breed loyalty: good/great quality at an affordable price..brand name is secondary

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When you call the Sony hotline for computer related assistance you are informed that there is a 2000 Yen charge per question!! I will not buy another Sony computer again. Not doing a very good job building loyalty there.

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Sony is ALWAYS looking for "brand loyalty" by creating proprietary devices and now, data feeds. Betamax, memory sticks, whatever. I avoid anything where I'm locked into one vendor.

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This is a good idea, BUT instead of locking everything into just their brand alone, they need to branch out and accept other brands into their world as well in order to become the one and only stop for everyone. Otherwise it will be the forever "us" versus "them" mentality walled garden approach, which will eventually fail. Good luck to them - lets see how this pans out.

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RIP SONY! The no longer ONE AND ONLY! They used to have a great brand loyalty there is way more competition out there.

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