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Sony issues battery-fire warning over 26,000 Vaio laptops


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The computer’s lithium-ion batteries were produced by Sony rival Panasonic

produced in Japan (?)

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China quality

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almost bought it. Lucky me.

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@ Jadranko Take your pick, they all produce parts for Sony products. In your case even if it is design flaw, Toyota you will still blame it on china, same as Nikon camera. Sony Semiconductor Corporation (7 plants in Japan) and its subsidiaries outside Japan (Brazil, China, England, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Ireland and United States)

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Yeah - the only difference between Sony and Samsung is that Samsung will not recall products for such a small problem.

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I wish one day Japanese companies bring back all their tech productions back in Japan. Japanese workmanship is the best in the world. I am preparing to pay more for Japanese made products than pay less for Chinese made products. Product quality is always going to be an issue.

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