Sony launches PC gaming gear, expanding beyond PlayStation


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Looking at how badly they are treating their playstation brand maybe this means they are now considering switching to PC gaming in the future. Their business has always been the games, the consoles have been just a way to keep those games exclusive.

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I'm not in the industry so I don't have the inside scoop here, but its starting to look like the consoles are on the way out. Smartphone gaming seems to be replacing the traditional console and games can be downloaded now. On the other hand, who wants to give their kid a smartphone when they are 7 years old or throw them on a PC? Perhaps consoles will be around for awhile longer.

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The future looks to be cloud gaming, consoles (which can hardly be found) will be a thing of the past. Microsoft , way ahead of the game. Gambatte Sony!

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IMHO, Sony is just repeating itself over and over. It had the better format (Betamax) but no content, it had Playstation but no network, then it had really good playstation hardware (especially graphics hardware) but again too few content, and relying on others to prop up the platform. PS5 promises to be amazing for virtual reality (metaverse) but Sony has not figured out how to make money from it, yet.

It's always a couple years and lots of development money behind leaders. But somehow it pulls through, so let's see.

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Gaming phones are becoming more and more popular. Why Sony doesn't consider uniting PlayStation brand with Xperia? I know that it sounds strange yet that's just an idea among others.

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