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Sony launches world’s fastest Internet service, boasting download speeds of 2 Gbps

By Philip Kendall

Sony Corp said Tuesday that its own Internet service provider So-net Entertainment has launched what is thought to be the world’s fastest Internet connection for home use, with download speeds clocking in at a massive 2 Gbps, on average twice as fast as competing high-speed fiber connections in Japan.

Targeting individual homes and apartment buildings of two floors or fewer, the ultra-fast connection, known as Nuro, will cost a not unreasonable 4,980 yen per calendar month, offering download speeds of 2 Gbps and uploads of up to 1 Gbps.

Customers are required to sign up for a two-year contract (which is not unusual here in Japan) and pay 52,500 yen for the initial installation, meaning that the service certainly doesn’t come cheap, but in a world where online gaming and the streaming of high-definition video requires as fast a connection as possible, we’d bet that So-net won’t have trouble finding customers.

Source: Goo News

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50000 yen for installation? wow

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2 Gbps?? Holy Batman!!

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I have a 1 Gbps. 99% of the time I cant utilize it at it's maximum. It's like driving a Bugatti Veyron, sure it can go 400kph but in reality you can only go at 100. Bit torrent connected to many other high capacity peers, connecting to a Japanese site where the connection has never left the fibre...that's about it

100Mbps is plenty enough.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Wow! with that speed, it better give me search results before I finish typing

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That's incredible stuff, 2gbs is pretty mind-blowing. I just wish they could upgrade my damn 200mbps line in my apartment..

0 ( +2 / -2 )

It's great that they developing new standards, I'm sure that speed will come in handy sometime in the future. Until then i hope that providers do something about the over-routed connections and the offshore connections to the rest of the world. I'm not sure what the deal in Tokyo or Osaka is but I'm doing usually 15 hops or more to japanese sites like NHK or Google... That brings down the experience of the FO-line to a regular DSL line or worse imho.

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2 Gbps is a whole DVD's worth of data in 20 seconds. Whose brain can cope with that?

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I wish they would do something here in America. I'm paying ¥5760.7 a month for my 30 MBs download and 15 MBs upload internet speeds. The even more idiotic part is, I don't even see those speeds even a 10th of the time that I use my internet!

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I wish they would do something here in America. I'm paying ¥5760.7 a month for my 30 MBs download and 15 MBs upload internet speeds.

That's also par for the course here in central Tokyo, I'm paying 4,000 yen a month for 15 MB download and 1 MB upload from one of the Japan's biggest ISPs.

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2 Gbps is a whole DVD's worth of data in 20 seconds. Whose brain can cope with that? If you watch a 100 minute move at about "300 x " speed. http://www.usen.com/speedtest02/index.html Says I have11.131 Mbps which means I can watch a DVD at 1.5 speed for about 6000 a month including cable TV.

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Just ran a speed check using my kindle 7 and LTE pocket WiFi. Get around 7mpbs download and 9mpbs upload, good enough for me.

No ISP and I pay 3380yen/month.

Some companies that deal lot online are looking forward to those new lines as many run multiple lines.

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let's try that one...*^^^^^

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I don`t know about SONY, but we live in rural central Japan near a ski run and tested our home internet speeds just now and they are higher now than ever; on average 170Mb/S Download and 70Mb/S Upload speeds. We use Plala. It seems pretty good for a budget Internet. I dont know how much SONY charge; but I am not sure then can match the value? http://www.speedtest.net/results.php

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50000 yen for installation? wow

Pls add : US$25.50 - it says Y52,500 :)

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You would have to upgrade the LAN in the computer to have speeds of 2GB.

You would have to have a wired connection with teamable dual port nics that do 1000mb/s per port to a router or switch with gigabit ports (or 10 gigabit ethernet -if you've got deep pockets). The whole setup is is not very common for home networks and is more consistent with a datacenter backbone setup, so its not very practical (at present)

By the way, its 2Gb, not 2GB...it works out to be about 250MB/s which is still pretty damn quick, but in a real world scenario, I doubt you'll ever see that type of up/down speed from an internet provider. Too many factors would slow the speed down. You'll see 2Gb/s to the switch at best. Everything else will depend on the slowest link of the chain.

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