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Sony unveils new e-book device that downloads newspapers, magazines


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Hey, they need that here in Japan too! Remember you're a Japanese company Sony!

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Apple's new i-Pad tablet will blow this and the Kindle out of the water.

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This is all about US what about Japan?

I expect the Royalty Police here don't let it happen. 4 or 5 years ago you used to see those devices here but they disappeared - and don't tell me they want to read books on a keitei, that's crazy talk

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Depends on how restrictive the use and availability of the reading materials are. If the device is used only to prop up the company's store, then it won't sell. The iPod succeeded because one could still use it without ever (or at least minimally) using Apple's store.

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Call me old fashioned but I prefer good old books and newspapers.

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Apple's new i-Pad tablet will blow this and the Kindle out of the water.

I-pad? I noticed that headline somewhere else and had no idea that the I-pad was for reading. Sounded more like a writing tool. Thanks for the post.

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Extra! Extra! Sony backs another loser!

I read about a book a month. Prefer real books, and have what's known as a "library card" allowing me to borrow a book, on the honour system, long enough for me to read it --all for free.

So many great topics have already been written about (really) and they're not online because Google hasn't scanned them yet.

I'm not relishing watching companies absorbing public systems for profits. The least we can do is avoid the readers.

I encourage you to take a visit to the library. I've never done that in Japan, any differences?

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