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Sony plans to launch virtual-reality headset in 2016


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That is too late Sony. I think you need fire you board of directors. And I thought Sony sold the rights to OLED to Samsung?

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Oh ho? So Sony has finally gotten ahead of Nintendo for innovative gaming interfaces? That is interesting. Usually, it's Nintendo who stays ahead of the curve (motion control gaming, 3D gaming, AR gaming), so seeing another company beat Nintendo to the punch is something I never honestly expected. It'll be interesting to see what this Project Morpheus is like, and just how immersive a gaming experience it can create. I now wait impatiently for more news about this. Maybe we're not as far off from the Full-dive technology of Sword Art Online as I thought. Now that would be the pinnacle of awesomeness.

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About time we can try this out. We've already been playing with our Oculus VR kit for awhile (ya guys could try it too; it's already available and a bunch of software for it). Let's see if we can hack this Morpheus too for the PC like the Kinect, heheheheh.

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I won't be used any kinds of headset from any brands name because it will damage you're vision and hearing as well as developing brain tumor in long term use. I have my ear ringing (tinnitus) all day and hearing problem. I have listened Walkman all the times even while I’m sleeping in my teens. The specialist told me it was probably causing by Walkman if I was not working with heavy nosy Machinery. Now I have to pretend I know what other said to me but actually I didn’t hear clearly what other said to me. It’s shamed and I regretted for listening extensively to Walkman music in my teens. Company needs to put warning notice on their device otherwise they will be sued like Tobacco Company by consumers in US.

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The company that comes out with the sleekest, coolest and most functionable headset design will most likely win this competition. Sony, Microsoft & Google should hope that Apple won't start making headgears compatible to their tablets.

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HTC's is due at the end of this year and now Sony's is due at the start of next year. Oculus... yeah, I like Oculus a a company, but I wish they would actually deliver a product.

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