Sony PlayStation Network releases exclusive games in U.S.


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SONY, your time is over. Gamers have gone back to PCs and laptops. Now that Intel has the Sandy Bridge I7 processor out, there's no stopping the PC game market.

No matter what platform you choose it's all about the games. The Japanese market has a poor selection and it's like they keep rehashing Monster Hunters and Ninja Gaiden.

There is of course the occasional stand-out title that's big fun. Heavenly Sword and Prince of Persia both big fun. Everything else is pretty much standard fare.

On my summer camping trips, I've talked with junior high and high school kids about what kinds of games they are playing. I expected the typical PSP and PS3 titles like Gundam, Shin-Sango-Kumouso or multiplayer Ace Combat.

The answers I got surprised me.

They were talking to me about CoD Modern Warfare and games like Dead Island. Some of them play Starcraft II and / or World of Warcraft. Japanese kids are NOT out of the loop when it comes to the gaming community. They may be the silent minority but they most certainly are choosing games that are away from the console. They may even get to the same level as Korean gamers someday, maybe....they might.

This doesn't mean that they have forgotten their own market. They still buy games designed and made in Japan. They still boot up their console systems but they have moved over to their PCs and Gaming laptops as well.

It was very evident to me this year at the Tokyo Game Show when I saw the Alienware PCs being used at two different locations, that change is at hand. There's the Alienware shop in Akihabara as well. There's a huge shift in the gaming industry due to Intel's Sandy Bridge processor. Silly me, I thought I was the only one with an Alienware in this country. Wrong.

Here I seem to focus on Japanese gamers and the reason for that is this. We can see the trend happening here in Japan.....guess what.....It has already happened in the U.S for Sony. Xbox is still strong as ever. Xbox has a large chunk of that market. Then there are the PC types who are buying up ASUS and Alienware gaming systems left and right. Not to mention the guys who build their own desktops.

In conclusion I believe it's over for SONY's PS3 console. It's going to take more than a few free games to reboot that platform to a profitable level.

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And if you want the games you'll have to accept the new AUP in which you sign away any of your rights to sue them over the hacking scandal. Hee Haw.

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And if you want the games you'll have to accept the new AUP in which you sign away any of your rights to sue them over the hacking scandal. Hee Haw.

A: you need to read the aggreement or actually read the news on it. Its nothing new, many companies do it and it is not how you say. You, of course, can sue Sony. Just not en masse. Meaning you cant join some class action suit. If you want to sue you have to do it on your own, by yourself. This is a very common practice which is done by various companies. EA does this, matter fact they did it long before sony.

As for the first guy, stop being a troll, Console games are doing great and you are just upset that you arent getting the love from game makers that you use to. Not everybody wants to worry about tech specs and so on when they play a game. For one me, I just want to put the game in and play and have fun. Polygon count is not important to me. Why cant you just love your pc and ignore any news about the things you hate.

With that, yea!! more exclusives, but this is old news and not really new. Also both microsoft and sony are actually doing this.

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Sounds like a good try but gamers who do not yet own a PS3 will not buy it because of the games they could download from PSN. Instead, why not releasing a few special edition PS3's? Something that actually call the gamers attention. Microsoft just released a special edition Gears of War 3 XBox console and they pre-sold out in Japan a month before the release date. In November they will release another special edition console with a MW3 theme, and yet another one with a Star Wars theme later on this year (not sure about the dates).

Sony dropped the PS3 prices this month. And now they'll have exclusive download-able games for the US market. Still they need to offer me something else if they want me (the gamer) to buy a new PS3.

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FYI, special edition PS3's are sold via the Playstation store.

Happy with my PS3 and I use for way more than simple gaming.

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in all honesty i bought a PSP over a PS3 and this was ONLY because i had an urge for nostalgia that it shook me to my very core.

i have bought Spyro 1,2, and 3 dino crisis ff7,ff8,ff9 parasite eve

these were some of my first PS games. and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when i play them.

i probably won't be buying a ps3 anytime soon, simply because although they have had some good games in the past, there is nothing i want that would make me consider buying a ps3 right now.

Sorry Sony =/ if Capcom did some remakes for a few memorable games MANY players want

and they DON'T screw it up. then i would be happy to buy a ps3 for them

cough dino crisis, resident evil 1,2, and 3 cough cough decent ending for dino crisis story cough

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NetNinja, you are contradicting yourself. You said "Gamers have gone back to PCs and laptops." and also said "XBox is as strong as ever". Well, last time i checked, XBox wasn't a pc.

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