Sony reportedly planning to buy Ericsson out of phone venture


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Sony knows how to lose money.

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The models seem happy about it anyway.

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SONY has gotten brilliant at being left behind.

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What's up with the 2 chicks in the pic? They look really weird, is the picture distorted or something ? Maybe too much cosmetic surgery they are having, I really don't know, What's your take on this? Dude this freaked me out man.

Anyways Sony better start looking first at it's display showcase models before going on a buying spree. Thanks

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Goodluck to Sony, it seems they are the only ones doing something anyway. I hope they catch up to making a good "ecosystem" for consumers.

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Good luck to Sony... Wonder what will happen to Ericsson?

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poor sony, can't even come up with a better camera to make non-distorted pictures of japanese beauties showing off your phones.

Moderator: The photo was not taken by Sony.

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That is one crappy lens in those phones. Buy an iPhone for quality.

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it was taken with a samsung. my xperia camera is awesome.

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It's about time. SE produces the worst smart phones ever. Ask me. I've an Xperia and can't wait till AU is releasing the iPhone 5 early next year.

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@JapanGal crappy lens?? For your information xperia arc won best camera phone of the year 2011-2012 where is the iPhone now??

Btw SGS2 got best mobile HTC ChaCha got best social media award check for the award list iPhone won nothing!!

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unless pure sony comes up with something better and cheaper than the iphone, it doesn't matter if they gobble up ericsson or not, they are doomed. how can they not see that? are they that dumb? and all the stuff they make is so unjustified pricey.

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SONY might just stand a chance in this market with the sad demise of Mr. Jobs. But being the genius he was, Jobs had probably planned and designed the next decade or two of iPhones. Can the Japanese succeed against those all-conquering, mighty Yanks?

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@southsakai: that photo was taken with a wide-angle lens, which is not intended for portrait-type photos. It tends to stretch out things that are are the periphery of the frame.

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Sony has a long way to go !!!! Mobile video game console ???? Didn't nintendo create that already ??? Sorry Sony I'm not interested in a new version of the PSP. Let's go beyond the future instead of creating that same crummy thing with alitle flash and dazzle.

Think forward not backwards !!!!!!! That's why Apple blew them away !!!! Throwing money at it will not solve anything.

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Stop it with the 3D stuff already. Think holograms or something that we do not need ugly eyeglasses to wear.


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I think making 3d is the first step to making holograms

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@Southsakai, Agreed the pics of the two babes is weird . I believe it's their chokers on the necks with the partnership name. That's why it's such a good pic in an unintended way.............. break the partnership to give it life.

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ericsson sucks..

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It is really funny to me whem people judge other people by the brand name of their phone; you know who you are, lol!

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I just purchase my First new HTC 4G phone what's next Sony .

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