Sony, Samsung dissolve panel joint venture


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Conduct business with Koreans is never good.

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First time I registered to comment on an article. But what issa1 said is laughable. Just wondering, are there any major Japanese corporations that are making profits right now, especially in the tech industry with Samsung and LG having major market share?

Japanese competitiveness is losing its edge slowly to its Korean competitors. I remember almost a decade ago, many Japanese didn't believe Samsung could ever overtake Sony. And that happened in 2004. I bet all my money that Hyundai overtakes Toyota soon in America considering Hyundai now owns 10% compared to Toyota's 14%.

Just my 2 cents. Extreme Japanese nationalists probably maaaaaaaad

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I doubt anyone would be mad because of what you said , as it's your personal (evidence based) opinion.

However , I think there is still room for improvement in Japan , and I think humans can always make the impossible possible if they put their minds and actions into it , however , the way things work now , I put my money with you , the Koreans have a cheap as dirt currency , they don't have many corporations , thus they probably won't face the same boom that happened in Japan , because all Korea works for a few major corporations, and the government also works with these countries , but as I stated above , the Japanese still have hope on making a comeback , let's just see how time unfolds

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sony is already died. they might as well sell its own to samsung.

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Good for Sony, they should focus on their Japan Display Inc. joint venture and avoid Samsung. Samsung rips off its customers.

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Corporate analysis based on nationality = FAIL

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Sony should focus on 'sony entertainment' leave tech business to Korea/China...!

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Purely business. Cut your losses and then drive a hard bargain ala Apple. This is an extremely competitive industry with slim margins and ever changing process which add to costs. Better to do what they do best -offer entertainment. The days of innovation and design for Sony are over. Mostly what they have is brand and goodwill with which they can wrap and sell 3C products.

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