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Sony says PlayStation4 sales exceed 5.3 million


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Just exactly the boost Sony needed good on them. Knew they still had it in them! ;)

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I was thinking about buying a next gen console but I heard that both the PS4 and Xbox One are not backwards compatible.

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@John Same here. If the PS4 was backwards compatible, I would have bought one already. I just decided to hold off for a year or two, or until Uncharted 4 comes out...whichever comes first.

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Why do you need backwards compatibility in this digital era where you could just download the games.

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Because if you download the games, you have to pay for them again.

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PS3 was also not backward compatible to the PS2 (only shortly) but what kind of news is this, it is still not out in Japan!!!!

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By saying that you have to pay for them again, you mean that you already own the games in a previous generation console? If that's the case, then you don't need a next gen console to play those games.

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Who cares, can't SONY make money making useful things anymore?

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I wonder if I can sell mine for a tidy profit once those in line for endless hours at Bic Camera are turned away.... I would probably get rushed.

Nahh, I wouldn't part with mine.

There is supposed to be backwards compatibility through Sony's Now streaming service hitting later this year, but I would just use my "old" PS3, and still do since there are a lot of good and free PS3 games (Bioshock infinite, Dante, etc.) for PS Plus users, which is required for PS4 online games. The Now service will likely be a subscription based service though, no thanks.

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Which one is better, x-bone or ps4?

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The launch version of PS3 was backwards compatible. I have one of those. In the later generations of this they removed this feature.

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Why bother with wanting backwards compatibility when you already own the old console anyway? I suppose it means you don't get to sell the old one and it clutters your AV cabinet... but so what, really

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