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Sony seeks to pull out of Samsung LCD venture


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Sony is Tooooo Expensive and they are losing for loyal customers... WAKE UP SONY you are still living in 80~90's...

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I have a Sony laptop, but some other electronics in my house are Korean now, too, such as my cell phone and air condition unit. If I want something of high quality and I have a choice, I'll get Japanese still. But more and more, Korean electronics are the more affordable option and the quality is nearly equal to or equal to Japanese product. Perhaps Sony should have tiered pricing like Toyota to cultivate young consumers. They are in danger of becoming perceived as too high end. Also, some innovation. They did very well with the PS1 and 2 and to a degree, 3, but the last time they had a must own product was at the beginning of the flat screen TV boom.

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No point rolling your own when you can buy cheaper from outside suppliers.

To be honest they should just get out of the TV market, it's a race to the bottom if it hasn't already hit rock bottom already.

Japan is too expensive, they do not have competitive advantage anymore when it comes to the TV market - it doesn't help that there is a major over-supply and the margins are razor thin.

They need to come up with new products and attack new markets where they can do well. In short pull an Apple.

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how come people complain about having their comments removed for being off topic yet XIAOMVVV can SPAM this forum?

IN any case, I think that Samsung, Sony are pretty much the same thing so unless there is a big price difference, just go with local suppliers. Support your own!

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get rid of that deal with Samsung STAT! I would never support a product from Korea personally.

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