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Sony shows wearable 3-D personal theater

By Yuri Kageyama

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Nobody told Sony that 3D is dead.

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the same movie with 3D screens versus 2D screens loses more money per theatre. It's only a matter of time for 3D to vanish again.

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sf2k I certainly hope so. I hope 3d dies a horrible death. I dont see anyone buying this crap either.

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I don't understand why some people want 3D to die out. 3D certainly isn't for everyone, but I love it. You can chose to see a movie in 2D or play video games in 2D, no problem. Why do you not want me to have the same option to see it in 3D? Why do you want me to not have fun? More options is always better. You can chose not to buy this product (I will too actually).

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I'm worried I might miss my train station.

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Few reasons why people dislike 3D: One is that the image is darker, another is that they need to wear specials glasses. Now if we are talking Cinema only you got a point.

But the movie industry is pushing 3D majorly (harder to copy/pirate) and the TV-makers are going along. Look in your local stores, 3D TV's are taking over add to that you will also need a 3D capable HDD recorder, etc.

3D is just a money-making machine and it is pushed down our throats and soon 3D will be the norm and 2D will go the way of Betamax, etc.

Just the newest gadgets we are supposed to buy after upgrading to Digital, HD and so on, while the current products can still last for a long time.

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I don't watch TV anymore, so maybe I'm not the type. But a lot of my friends (both in Japan and out) gave up on TV as well. Movies are fine and yes apparently I avoid the dark screen syndrome by sticking to 2D films at less cost. (thank you Roger Ebert review on 3D). I'd have to update all my tech just for a minor change? Nope. Not going to do that. No. I'm talking about the expense. If you want to pay the expense fine, but at some point studios will give up on it if it means fewer receipts. I can see. I have eyes and they work pretty well. There is no need for more-insight mystic of 3D. I can enjoy a movie just fine.

I download otherwise see the occasional film in theatre if I can't wait (X-Men First Class) , but that's about it. There is nothing to be gained by the 3D effect in films, it has limited use and is generally a waste of time.

There are more important things to be doing anyway.

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I understand all the reasons people dislike 3D, and I don't have a problem at all if people don't like it. I don't think 3D will ever be the norm in terms of what people actually watch, just an extra option for those who like it or given the right movie/game/setting.

If you don't like the prices of 3D equipment, you don't have to buy it. I agree that TV makers have been trying to milk 3D, by only making it available on their most expensive TVs for example. However, 3D is becoming available in lower priced displays. Eventually I think every TV will be 3D capable, as the technology in the TV is really pretty simple (run at 120hz) and shouldn't add to the cost. It will take a little longer for manufacturers to be willing to not charge extra for it, but eventually it will happen. Those who want 3D can have 3D, and those who don't want it just don't buy the glasses.

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I can only speak for myself but for me, I find the whole concept comes across as a scam. My eyes already represent things in 3D. I don't need more 3D in 3D.

For this helmet it puts the screen right into your face, just like a 3D movie. I guess the other point to make is that I don't want the screen in my face. Even when I sit in the third or fifth row of a movie, I'm still further away than wearing glasses or this helmet. I get the surround feeling without it actually being near my face.

Day to day I maintain a fair distance from my face to the computer screen as an IT person for over a decade and as a result still do not require glasses. As opposed to most people I work with. If you are already blind and need glasses to live then 3D glasses may be just fine, just another pair to wear. I don't need them and I don't plan to buy into the marketing.

I can see. And I plan on keeping it that way.

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The only cool 3D thing was a 3D desktop widget but the company was bought up by Google a few years ago and the whole project was disappeared. Put those words into Google and you'll find BumpTop.

That was useful, it was not in my face, did not require all new technology for one characteristic change, and did not impair my eyesight future.

I have real medical concerns for anyone using these machines like this helmet over a long term basis. Fooling the eye into a more 3D experience when it is already an incredible biological 3D machine is asking for side effects.

Big respect to the eye!

@Airion, good luck, I hope it all works out. For me it's just not worth the effort when I already have the tools for free.


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@AirionSep. 01, 2011 - 09:14AM JST

I don't understand why some people want 3D to die out.

3D cinema is like the green car on a train : every movie goer is paying for some of, watch it or not.

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Wearable? Please I would call it "attachable"

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That contraption looks cumbersome. And I wouldn't want to look like one of the characters from ''Tron''

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VIRTUAL BOY! It is destined to fail.

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Give it an SD card slot and make it portable. Frankly I think a headset like this is likely to be a more effective way of doing 3D than expensive TVs. I'd much rather use a headset than spend thousands buying a new large screen TV that I still have to wear glasses for if I want to watch 3D.

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Is it suitable for trains? Airplanes?

At home, I can't imagine wanting to revert into myself. On a long flight - it would / could be perfect.

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How long till someone gets stopped by the cops for riding a bicycle with this on their head?

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It is not recommended for people 15 years old and younger because some experts believe overly stimulating imagery is not good for teenagers whose brains are still developing

Haha! Right! What rubbish! Who are these experts?

I am more worried about everyone getting more and more near-sighted, requiring new glasses every six months.

As for the unpopularity of 3-D, the reason I don't like it is because it was hurriedly put into movies that were not actually made for it or made with 3-D in mind. Those stupid execs just could not wait to introduce it properly, and now its flopping. They though the sheer eye-popping element would win everyone over, rather than a good execution of the tech. Idiots.

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This is the entertainment & AV manufacturing industry trying to re-invent itself. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.

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I have upgraded from virtual reality to actual reality, it is amazing! The show starts at 6 o'clock each morning and runs till the end of the day. The system allows me to interact with objects in my surroundings and to communicate with other players. If I reach out to touch an object instant tactile feedback is given, I sometimes wish the programming had a bit more action, but all in all this is GREAT!

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And also: I'm still waiting for flight mode

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Me too! Real Life is awesome. Flying is a little tricky about the timing. There is a side quest available which puts your avatar into a steel bird allowing you to feel the sensations of take off and landing. Then you are awash in a new experience of different geographic locations of your choice. Some credits required.

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There is a side quest available which puts your avatar into a steel bird allowing you to feel the sensations of take off and landing. Some credits required.

I'll be sure to try that as soon as I get a hang of the in-game economy

You wouldn't happen to know the developer do you?

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the United Airlines mod is particularly exhilarating. Lots of side quests called Service, Luggage Finder, and Hotel. Depends on how much time you want to spend though.

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I bet you the porn industry will love this product! Sure Sf2k in public will scream and yell in public that this product is useless, but me thinks many of these same computer geeks, well, enjoy these gadgets behind closed doors.

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Could be fun with virtual reality simulations and games. TRON Legacy was amazing in 3D at the movies so I wonder how it would be with this headset. Wonder how safe such stuff is for our eyes/brains though. Check out Wim Wenders's film 'Until the End of the World' (Bis ans Ende der Welt) for such a perspective.

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It looks ugly, bulky and too heavy. Who want to wear that! That price!

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