Sony slashes price of PlayStation Vita in Japan


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When do they think the gaming performance of an tablet or smartphone will be comparable to that of an game console. I would say really soon. That is how long these consoles will survive.

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There was a time when my friends had every console on the market in their living room. Now I see them collecting dust. Some of my friends don't even turn them on now. My PSP is in a box somewhere, who knows.

PC and gaming laptops have come back full force.

It will be difficult for SONY, Nintendo, and X-Box to compete with Steam. Steam and other online games are making it free.

I think the pivotal point was when SONY decided to move away from UMDS and their games with codes that we couldn't trade in. I boug some game that was horrible. 7000¥ for it. Glad I was able to sell to a game shop.

vita is a nice nice piece of hand held tech but today's gamer want to travel light and multiple devices in one bag isn't going to cut it.

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I think we're actually heading into another video-game crash.

The last time one of those happened was when a pile of cheap, often crappy games just flooded the market and there were too many consoles, more competition from PCs, not enough innovation, and a complete upending of publishing control over the consoles. Plus people were getting bored of the same old same old.

Sound familiar?

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The company said its 3G/Wi-Fi model would sell for 19,980 yen from later this month, down from the current 29,980 yen, with the price of the Wi-Fi model also reduced to 19,980 yen from the current 24,980 yen.

So both will cost the same, but one has 3G+WiFi+GPS, the other just WiFi.

Does something suck about the 3G version? Or is this stock-clearing? Or is a contract with Docomo required to get the 3G version for that price?

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Consoles will never die as long as 80's babies are around ;)

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Smart move! This will be sold on the same day as Phantasy Star 2 online! This is not a very informative article on the PS Vita! Also be on the look out for the new 4g which is another reason why sony cut back on the price of the 3g/wifi!

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Two reasons the consoles are losing money: 1) The prices of the consoles are very expensive. 2) The cost of the games for said consoles are expensive.

I don't play PC games, but the prices for PC games are much cheaper than console games.

Certain game manufacturers (especially EA Sports) aren't doing much to help. They produce games that are not finished, gull of bugs & glitches & they want to charge top dallar for those unfinished, bug-laden games.

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about time they do it stateside far vita is next to lifeless

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I figure they should just make a docking controller type thing that the Xperia phones fit into, so you can have that hand held console feel while just playing games on the new Xperia Z or future quad core phones etc

That way you can just totally eliminate the waste that is the portable hand held gaming department and pump more R&D into the smartphones or main gaming console (PS4 etc etc)

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